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How to Get Paid to Travel

Virtually everyone enjoys traveling and would love to take advantage of opportunities to do so. However, one of the biggest barriers to fulfilling this desire is money, or lack thereof. Many individuals do not have the funds to travel ongoingly and simultaneously cover the subsequent fees such as airfare, lodging accommodations, etc, while still paying for their monthly bills at home, such as rent, utilities, etc.

What if that weren’t an issue though? What if people who enjoy traveling and seeing the world could regularly make the most of this experience and moreover get paid to do so? While this may sound too good to be true to certain individuals, it’s important to be aware that the opportunity is out there. Ultimately, it’s all a matter of knowing how to go about making it all happen.

Consider Joining the Peace Corps

Not only is Peace Corps an amazing opportunity to volunteer and connect with other human beings, but it’s also a potentially ideal experience for anyone who enjoys traveling. Generally, individuals who join this organization work with various people around the globe; the work may center around (or relate to) agriculture, health, business, community development, education, etc, as explained by High Existence.

In return for the services of the volunteers, they are gifted with stipends, healthcare benefits, lodging, student loan aid, and other valuable benefits. Peace Corps not only permits people to travel, but allows them to travel with purpose, thus being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Start a Travel-Based Blog

Starting an online blog which revolves around traveling is another excellent way in which people can (and have) be(en) paid to travel. According to Adventure In You, if a blogger has a sizeable audience, brands will pay a pretty penny to be promoted, advertised, and otherwise featured in the blogger’s content. Now while getting paid thousands of dollars per month to blog, travel, and promote brands sounds amazing, there is usually some extensive groundwork in the initial phases of this professional venture.

Promoting the blog, garnering a consistent, sizeable readership, and producing SEO-friendly content are all paramount steps for starting any successful and profitable blog.

A Final Word

While being paid to travel is a possible and viable option, it is important to know that virtually every route which enables this opportunity is going to require invested time and energy at one point or another. There are no get-rich-quick schemes and nothing in life is free; the bill always comes due in one form or the other.

Moreover, having a job which permits frequent travel is also very helpful for those who are interested. Joining the Peace Corps or starting an online travel blog may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, in this day and age, there is still an abundance of opportunities for those who know when and where to go looking.

As the world of work changes, more and more people are becoming independent contractors within the freelance market and gig economy. This type of business is especially suitable and agreeable for travelers; many freelancers and gig economy workers cite autonomy as one of the main perks of non-traditional work. Furthermore, a vast amount of gigs and freelance jobs can be done remotely on a laptop, from virtually anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi.

Good luck and happy traveling!!!


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Earn Passive Income

Virtually everyone has heard of passive income at one point or another. In essence, passive income is defined by Wikipedia as “income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.”

In most cases, this passive income requires a degree of work in the initial phases before the ongoing payoffs. Many people would love to experience this type of revenue, but are unaware of how to lay the groundwork for it. Moreover, passive income is one of the critical components which well-off individuals use to earn and (especially) maintain their wealth.

Going forth are some particularly useful ways in which the average person can earn passive income, thus enriching themselves and increasing their net worth.

Get Serious about Investing

While there are a variety of passive income earning methods, investing is one of the best. According to The Motley Fool, stock dividends, real estate investment trust (REIT) dividends, rentals, and more can be great avenues for passive income. This is because each of these avenues come with ongoing income streams which continue long after the initial payment or purchase.

However, with rentals, there is a degree of work which has to be done. For instance, the property may need to be maintained, cleaned, and otherwise inspected from time to time. Picking the right tenants also makes a difference as well; the ideal tenants will take care of the property they’re renting and pay their monthly rent on time.

Start an Online Blog or YouTube Channel

Not everyone has the big bucks to invest in real estate or stocks. However, these are not the only ways to generate passive income. Online blogs and YouTube channels can be excellent avenues for earning revenue and moreover, they don’t require hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront. However, both online blogs and YouTube channels do require a degree of time before the passive income reaches hefty amounts.

Blogging through WordPress allows writers to put ads via Google AdSense on their page. When readers click on the ads, the blogger earns income. The only catch is the number of readers which view the blog. Ideally, the writer should have a sizeable viewership. The more people who view their blog, the more opportunities to earn passive income.

A similar principle applies to YouTube channels. Starting this year, YouTube mandated certain benchmarks which must be met in order for content creators to monetize their channels. However, after building up a sizeable following base, an online blog and/or YouTube channel can be quite profitable and become a lucrative stream of passive income.

A Final Word

One of the most important things to remember about passive income is that an initial investment is usually required in the beginning prior to the accumulation of ongoing revenue; that investment usually comes in the form of time or money. However, there are a variety of opportunities regarding earning passive income.

Different paths work for different people. For specific advice tailored to one’s own personal needs, consulting a financial advisor is recommended.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Make Money as a Photographer

We’re extremely fortunate to be living in a day and age where virtually anyone can have a successful career if they are willing to work hard and apply themselves. However, each career and occupation is different; highs and lows, ups and downs are all part of the gig. Many people have been told that they can’t make it in various fields, such as writing, photography, etc, and that getting a traditional day job is better than attempting to make a career out of one’s passion.

This could not be further from the truth. The paths to success are plentiful and greatly vary depending on an individual’s chosen occupation. Therefore, this particular piece will be geared towards earning sizeable income and doing well for oneself as a professional photographer.

Take and Sell Photos

Although it sounds painfully obvious, taking and selling photographs is the first and foremost step to doing well as a professional photographer. Clients have to be able to see the work in order to evaluate and decide whether or not they want to make purchases. Moreover, word of mouth is also a very powerful tool for photographers. Customers who have great experiences working with someone are more likely to recommend that individual to their friends and family who may also be in need of photography services one day.

Adorama advises photographers to do various photo shoots for clients. This allows the photographer to demonstrate the quality of their work and set a fixed price for each shoot; $100 is usually a good starting point.

However, photo shoots are not the only way for photographers to sell their work. Other great options include licensing or selling one’s images via stock photography websites and even entering into photo contests. Each of these opportunities garners room for both exposure and profit. Later on down the line, exposure can create even bigger profit, especially if the right people or businesses happen to come across the work of an exceptional photographer.

Engage in Freelance Work and Building an Online Presence

Customers, clients, and other people who are aware of one’s photography services are the greatest ally of any photographer. This is why engaging in freelance work for various publications and magazines can truly come in handy. Not only does this breed income, but it moreover provides exposure which can engender future opportunities.

Launching an online presence on Instagram can also be a great idea for photographers. By posting professional images on a regular basis and uploading them with applicable hashtags (to increase views), photographers can do quite well for themselves and potentially attract new clients.

Although freelance work and creating a name for one’s photography business can take time, patience, and a sizable amount of effort, it is more than worth it. Nothing worth having in this world comes with ease.

Never become discouraged or misled into believing that a photography career is unrealistic or otherwise not worth pursuing. Any photographer who is willing to put in the work can enjoy and reap the benefits of career success.

Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Financially Plan for Getting Married

Marriage is one of the most amazing things that will happen in a person’s life. Entering into a union and partnership with the person that you love, cherish, and care for is wonderful. However, like most things in life, entering a marriage requires and involves planning, especially when it comes to finances and money-related matters. Chances are that both people have their own financial histories; when entering into a legal partnership, total and complete transparency is absolutely paramount. Thankfully, there are a series of steps that both people can take as they prepare to say their wedding vows.

Be Honest and Communicative

As cliche as it may sound to some people, honesty, and communication are two of the most important factors in any marriage. however, this is especially applicable when money is involved. Before and throughout the marriage, both parties need to be honest about their financial standing and positions. For instance, if one individual has debt or loans that they have yet to pay off, they should be forthcoming and upfront about it. Entering into a marriage based on lies is extremely problematic and when money is involved, problematic can turn into catastrophic. The bottom line is to always be honest, omit nothing, and make sure that both soon-to-be spouses are on the same page.

Come Up with a Budget

As affirmed by The Balance, the creation of a joint budget is very advisable for couples. A budget matters because it allows both people to assess their financial standing and then come up with a plan to meet all needs. For instance, one (or both) parties might be bringing certain liabilities, assets, or spending habits into the marriage. There needs to be an understanding of incomes, expenses, payments, etc.

Many spouses sometimes also use joint bank accounts. Joint accounts are usually used for mutual expenses such as rent, groceries, car notes, etc. However, most people do maintain ownership of at least one separate, independent account. This is great for personal spending needs, such as eating out, shopping, going to the movies, or other similar fees.

Ultimately, a budget and an understanding of who controls which accounts and which accounts will be jointly controlled is a critical step before saying “I do.”

Plan for Later in Life

Married couples who are interested in partaking in certain milestones should plan for them. Some of the most common milestones include having children and entering into retirement. The fact of the matter is that both children and retirement are very expensive. If parents believe their children will one day want to attend college, putting aside funds for their college tuition and other associated fees is a pretty good idea.

The cost of living is going up with each passing day and people need to be prepared. This is applicable to not only having children but also for entering retirement. Both parties should have enough money saved up to live comfortably without having to worry about running out of funds and having to rush back into the workforce.

A Final Word

Regardless of how much planning is done, marriage can still come with certain bumps in the road and hurdles. However, nine times out of ten, financial planning can considerably decrease and minimize the impacts of any problems which may arise.