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How to Pick the Right Career

An individual’s chosen career is a life-impacting and monumental decision. The occupation which one chooses will directly affect their income, opportunities, and quality of life. While some individuals naturally come across their careers, other people take more time before discovering their desired occupations. Both scenarios are OK; each person grows and develops at their own pace.

However, people who fall into the latter category will likely benefit from some advice regarding how to pick the right career. There are several critical factors to keep in mind. With the proper knowledge and guidance, the process of choosing the best career can be very insightful and inspirational.

Think about Yourself

Whether or not someone has a successful career largely depends upon themselves. This is why The Balance advises people to think about themselves, their hobbies, passions, interests, and strengths prior to deciding upon a certain career path. More often than not, the activities which someone enjoys recreationally are somewhat indicative of which occupations would be best for them. Self-assessment tests and career aptitude tests can also help people get an idea of which careers would prove to be most beneficial.

Consider Promotion and Prevention

Brazen explains that there are generally two types of professionals: promotion-based ones and prevention-based ones. As the name suggests, promotional-based professionals tend to focus on opportunities and have the “entrepreneurial spirit.” Conversely, prevention-based professionals tend to thrive in more traditional positions of employment. The majority of people either lean towards promotion-based or prevention-based professionalism; making this distinction can truly help people weed out which careers choices are not for them.

Make Sure Your Credentials are Up to Par

Different careers and occupations require different degrees and credentials. For this reason, people should be sure to research the educational requirements which are associated with their aspirational careers. If they have these credentials and are sure they’ve found their desired career, the person at hand can proceed. However, if the individual does not currently have the necessary degrees to pursue their desired career, going back to school or taking classes to earn the aforementioned credentials are options which should be considered.

Pinpoint Your Desired Lifestyle

Most individuals have a conscious idea of the lifestyle they wish to enjoy. Whether or not this wish comes to fruition greatly depends upon income and career choices. If the individual at hand has concerns that their career will not permit the lifestyle of their desires, then they have some decisions to make. Considering an additional source of income, higher ranks within their occupation, or even more prestigious credentials are options to consider if one’s current career does not provide the desired salary.

A Final Word

Deciding upon a career path is not easy, by any means. There are many opinions out there and different occupations are better for various lifestyles. Someone who likes to travel and go on adventures is likelier to thrive in a career which allows for remote work. Conversely, a person who opts for a more traditional lifestyle may find themselves better suited for a 9 to 5 or similar forms of employment.

At the end of the day, there is a suitable career path for everyone. Happy hunting!


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal


How to Switch Careers

In many cases, when people choose certain career paths, they stick with these paths for the rest of their work life. However, this is not always how matters play out. There are various situations and circumstances which may prompt people to switch their current careers. If done properly, this transition can be relatively smooth; if not, the transition can be an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, there are a variety of tricks and tips for people to follow if they are either considering or already in the middle of changing their careers.

Be Sure that a Career Switch is What You Truly Want

It goes without saying that once someone switches their career, reversing the decision is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. This is why it’s so important to be very sure that a career change is what is truly wanted.

Once the person at hand is completely sure that they want to change careers, they will then be tasked with determining whether or not they are truly fit for the new career of their desire. Different careers demand different skill sets, expertise, and qualifications. If the individual already has these things lined up, then they’re all set. If not, some groundwork may be necessary prior to making an exit from one’s current career.

Decide Exactly How to Go About Your Career Switch

The Muse recommends that soon-to-be career changers enact step-by-step milestone as they work to switch occupations. Believe it or not, this is a process which requires a certain degree of time and preparation. Depending on the nature and qualifications of one’s current and future career, a switch can take months or even years.

Connect with People in Your New Line of Work

One of the most effective steps to prepare for success in a new field is to connect with other individuals who also have similar careers. According to WikiHow, some of the best ways to professionally connect with other like-minded people involve volunteering, taking part in an internship, or even conducting information interviews. Asking people about their jobs, why they enjoy their work, and even inquiring about certain pitfalls or downsides can be an excellent way of learning about one’s soon-to-be new career. It also provides one last opportunity to bow out if the particular career turns out to be not as it originally seemed.

A Final Word

Career switches can be both exciting and scary — especially for people who have spent years in one line of work and truly established themselves. However, change is one of the most inevitable things about life. Whether in careers or relationships or environments, change will always present itself in one form or the other. Being able to adapt according and make beneficial moves is what makes all the difference in the world.

Believe in yourself and take steps with conviction.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal