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5 Smart Ways To Shop And Still Save Big After The Holidays


How can you cash in and really save big after the holidays?  While we are coming up on the end of the first week of January, there are still some great after Christmas Day sales to be found out here!  If you’re really looking to stick to an organized financial plan this year, and you want to start saving right away–it’s the perfect opportunity right now.  Retailers want to move that old winter merchandise, so many are cutting prices to 75% at this time of the year!

And yes, after Christmas Day sales are more popular than Black Friday.  This is exactly where frugality during the year pays off big time.  So, how should you plan and what should you consider purchasing to really save money?  Let’s look at the 5 smartest ways to take advantage of the savings.  But wait…not just for after Christmas, but following holidays all year long!

Take Advantage Of After The Holidays Sales In January And More!


Just remember friends–there is a pattern, and always a perfect time to purchase anything and everything you need on the cheap!  You can have the most modern items far less than what others have paid.  For example, electronics are at huge discounts right now, so the old merchandise can move out and the new can move in!  January and February are the best times Canadians can get out there and get some really cool electronics cheap!

Pay attention to the time of the year, at any time you’re wanting to save–not just after Christmas.  Every holiday has a sale following it.  Just think of how much you could have saved for Valentines day if you would have gone to those sales last year! Of course, you don’t want to purchase candy to gift to someone a year later, but you can purchase other sweetheart items that maintain their value!  You just have to think outside of the box!

Follow these tips below when you’re dead set on maintaining a savings plan and being frugal!

The Best After Holiday Shopping Tips For All Year Long!


  1. The absolute best time to buy electronics such as: laptops, tablets, desktops and phones is in February! Mark it on your calendar and make a list. If Tommy was too young for something so advanced this year, he just might be ready next year!
  2. You can certainly stock up on personalized bath items after Christmas and all through January. Now that retail stores like “Bath and Body Works” are all the craze, you can really rack up on some additional savings throughout the month on soaps, lotions, body butters, candles and more! It certainly is better to get those aromatherapy items now, because you can use these as gifts at the next major holiday, which is: Valentines Day! See how planning ahead pays off?
  3. Let’s not forget how badly you need storage items for those holiday decorations and more! Plastic storage containers and artificial Christmas tree coverings are cheapest right after the big day.  In fact, many retailers have these items out during the holiday season at their full prices. After, you can get these for 50% less than retail value! And just think, you need storage tubs for a variety of things!
  4. Don’t forget about Online retailers! You can save and never leave your home! From all kinds of non-perishable items that can be utilized all year long (like fancy dishware and glassware) to greenery and decorative home furnishings–your savings can come in at 25% upwards to 65% off for items like these online. Some Online retailers also allow for promotional codes that can save you even more!
  5. For those new car shoppers, the end of the year is the perfect time to shop for that shiny new toy!  While this is passed now, at least you’ll know from now on.  If you can have patience, you might find you even have more choices at the end of the year that meet your budget–versus cashing in during the middle part of the year!

These tips are practical and timeless–worthy to work for frugal shoppers all year long!  Since retailers seem to be having these earlier and earlier every year, just keep your eyes open so you don’t lose your chance for savings.  It’s time to give your wallet a rest and save when and where you can!

5 Simple Steps To Plan And Prepare For Your New Year Goals


Procrastination is never a good thing, yet so many Canadians do exactly this.  You don’t have to put off what you can do today!  You’ve heard it before, right?  Getting goals in order and debt in balance can help ease a financial adjustment for the coming year.  While New Years goals and resolutions might make you cringe inside, planning ahead can ensure a happier, healthier and financially sound New Year!

Remember, whether it is related to health, diet and fitness, or your financial future–these 5 basic steps will help you get started in the right direction without regret, avoidance, guilt, or any negative emotion at all. Don’t let a busy life keep you from staying on track and keeping goals in the forefront of your mind!  This happens too many times.  Now, if you’re finally ready to see your goals flourish, set your eyes on the prize and follow these simple steps to ensure your happiness and success into the New Year!

5 Steps To Guarantee You Meet Your New Year Goals


Have you started making plans for the New Year?  Do you know where you’d like to see yourself?  Before you get down to the nitty gritty and begin carving out future goals, you need to do a fact check–and be realistic with yourself.  Reviewing last year’s mistakes and educating yourself on where you made wrong decisions is wise.  This can help minimize those very same financial errors.  So, take account of the past and examine where you’ve been versus where you’d like to see yourself going. Whether the problems have arisen from your own procrastination, or your own misjudgments–you need to take heed and be accountable.  When you do this you’ll be able to progress in a positive manner, even reaching long-term goals!  Review the following 5 steps and try to implement these into your life if you want to finally cross the finish line to financial freedom!

Step 1:  Begin keeping up with monthly expenses and categorizing varying household expenses

You should start a plan by writing down every normal monthly bill and expense you might have–minus entertainment. It works better if you keep fixed cost items tallied so you know what to expect every month.  For those items that can vary, you need to keep track of these as well, but in a category where you can make necessary adjustments.  Once you begin to know what to expect–this is when you can begin to make the proper changes to live more securely.

Step 2:  Look back on the past and be ready to adjust to change

If you go back and review the previous year you’ll find your transgressions.  This is the smart thing to do before you simply pull out pen and paper and begin planning goals for the future.  Knowing your past mistakes and what led you to them makes a dramatic difference.  You can break the cycle and ensure your strategy for success stays intact all year long!  This applies to health and fitness goals as well as finances!  When you want to stay on track, looking at the past just might motivate you to succeed this New Year.


Step 3:  Discipline yourself to stick to a plan

This is the wisest tip you’ll ever get!  If you boggle yourself down and set to high of a bar, you’re setting yourself up for failure, but you have to discipline yourself too.  It’s a challenge when it comes down to changing bad habits, but you can do it. Now, everyone has their own technique when it comes down to disciplining oneself to follow through on an action.  You want this to have an impact you won’t forget, so make the consequences for a poor decision make sense.

Step 4:  Minor setbacks are natural; don’t ever give up

We all make mistakes and some setbacks are certainly normal.  Now, beating yourself up over something minor is foolish. The best thing you can do is to never to allow a resolution relapse force you to call it quits.  Jus remember, sometimes change takes just a bit of a struggle to adjust to it properly–it’s 100% normal!

Step 5:  Negotiate with others to see those New Year goals make it to fruition

Reign in the support for motivation and encouragement.  It is hard to stick to a path you feel you’re walking alone, so supporters are always welcome!  When you have that extra bit of pizazz you become more assertive and conscious of your decisions.  If you’re married, team work is critical to meeting your goals for the New Year; be they financial or health related. Remember, two heads are always better than one!  At the end of it all you’ll be able to do a happy dance and brag about your determination and success!