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Learn 10 Exclusive Money Habits To Improve Your Financial Portfolio

Are you being your own best adviser? If you are then you have to be one of many proactive Canadians asking yourself just what your doing on a daily basis to help your income become larger? Also, you might be dedicated on researching ways to gain higher interest on your savings at your bank. Developing some new money habits is important when you are attempting to transform your financial portfolio. It takes time, but it is well worth the effort.

Canadian consumers have heard, or read that their daily decisions regarding money have a huge impact on their long-term financial health; and this is very true. Just as you should take care of your body by eating healthier and getting in exercise daily, you should tweak your finances and stay on top of money coming in and money going out. You should have a financial plan in place. Now, there are specific money habits that can keep your budget neat and trim; and which eventually lead to you establishing a good amount of wealth too. If you want to live comfortably one day, without worrying with how much something is, or some kind of emergency coming up, the following below habits can whip you into shape.

What Can Canadians Do Daily to Reach Wealth by Retirement


It doesn’t even have to be when you retire. If you start controlling how you spend money now and setting up a proper budget habit then you can achieve a secure financial status far before you retire. However, you have to have the income. If you are short on funds that will help you save then you need to consider finding new ways to bring in extra money. Sometimes you have to work more to succeed later–that’s life! Great things just don’t happen overnight. Many Canadians have to work harder than ever to achieve financial success, but that is okay too. It’s a great goal, and it’s an admirable one.

Need to spend less than you are earning

This is not a new one at all, it is certainly a habit that needs to take priority. If you continuously have more money going out than you do coming in this can present a problem. But, if you control your spending and develop new financial habits you can gain control here.

Always make sure you budget for all those little extra expenses

You don’t want to get caught with your wallet empty! You never know when something might come up, so being prepared is the smartest financial decision you can make. You want to have more than just the basics as well. Remember that the little expenses can add up. Sometimes you need to learn when to say no to that Chai Latte at Starbucks! Those little things really do deplete a budget fast, as do other unnecessary expenses.

Write down everything you spend

This might feel tedious, but it is the only way your going to be able to keep up with your finances. Carry a little notebook with you everywhere and right down even the smallest expenses. You’ll soon be able to see exactly what you’re spending money on.

Design an all cash type of lifestyle

10 Tips To Help You Avoid Mindless Spending


You don’t need your budget to be leaky like a faucet, because sooner, rather than later, you’ll run dry!  The only way to minimize risk like this is to develop a better relationship with your money so that you can save rather than mindlessly spend it.  Patching up your finances, where they need it the most can help salvage your financial future and build up a substantial savings over time.  Of course, it’s a step by step process–learning new strategies and developing improved spending habits. The 10 tips that will be shared with you here will ensure success and get you seeing your money in a different way.  You can stop living paycheck to paycheck and begin making a solid plan that will dramatically change your life for the better.

Stop Mindless Spending And Discover Conscious Spending

It’s amazing how fast those $5.00 cups of Joe really rack up at the end of the month, isn’t it?  Mindless spending is all too common in Canada,and across the globe for that matter.  Now, there is a thing called conscious spending and it would be perfect if everyone could have this type of mindset.  What this implies is that an individual is more than aware of where each and every one of their dollars go!  This not only helps with managing a budget, but it can help plan a financial forecast for an entire year!  There is no doubt about it, when you become conscious of just how much you might be wasting, it limits your wastefulness!  In other words, this makes you more accountable for your financial actions.

Those consumers who can develop an emotional attitude concerning money understand the value of it and are found to be far more thrifty than others who just spend, spend, spend…It’s easy to develop a new mindset and become more thoughtful and vigilant of where your hard earned money is going.  It’s time to stop just spending needlessly!  If you don’t need it then you probably don’t really want it.  The tips below will give you some ideas on where you might be spending without regard. You’ll find, cutting some of these expenses back will definitely be beneficial to your long-term finances!

Discover The Ways Your Wasting Money So You Can Save Money And Begin The New Year Right!


Tip 1:  Stop wasting energy!

Within Canada, and all across British Columbia, energy expenses are approximately 6% higher than the average US household.  This is due to wastefulness, but being more aware can begin helping you save a great deal.  For instance, making your home more energy efficient can bring about a huge savings.  Taking the right steps for improvement will put more money in your wallet or savings account!

Tip 2:  Stop grocery shopping without a well planned list!

Grocery expense has grown quite expensive through the years, but with proper planning ahead you can still save a great deal. You should never go to the store without a planned list and a week worth of meals planned out!  Also, avoiding those end caps will keep you from purchasing things you don’t need.

Tip 3:  Cut cable now to save money!

With streaming services available now, paying high prices for cable doesn’t make sense.  You can save up to 10% just by pulling the plug for cable network service.  Integrate the internet and utilize, Netflix and other networks that are normally just $10.00 a month versus $200 and up for cable service.

Tip 4:  Invest in a water filtration system.

Instead of paying exuberant amounts of money for bottled water every month, invest in a filtration system for your home. This is just as good as any bottled water and a great investment for years!

Tip 5:  Stop eating out every week.

Eating out weekly can add up fast and really ruin a budget or financial savings plan.  Plan and prepare healthy meals at home that will add convenience and save money.

Tip 6:  Avoid overdraft fees.

You can avoid overdraft fees by managing your money far better and keeping track of all your spending.  Writing your expenses down and knowing where you’re spending makes a difference.

Tip 7:  Avoid paying excessive bank fees.

Before you open a bank account, know the fees and rates you’ll be charged and offered, this can save aggravation in the future.

Tip 8:  Don’t ignore your credit report.

Attempting to establish a repayment plan to get out of debt and to secure a better future will save you far more money than ignoring collectors and allowing blemishes to continue to build against you.  It can be a scary thing to acknowledge your debt and become proactive can save you financial loss down the road.

Tip 9:  Shop around for affordable insurance.

Yes, we all need insurance, but you shouldn’t have to pay extremely high costs to secure this critical necessity.  Shop around and discover who can offer you the best rate at the most affordable costs.

Tip 10:  Stop impulsive shopping forever.

When you want to make a purchase, take your time and consider if you really need it.  If you allow yourself a couple of weeks to think it over, you might find you can live without it!  This doesn’t mean never shop, but simply be more conscious.  This is what it is all about, if you want to succeed financially!

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