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How to Make Money on Facebook

As the popularity of various social media platforms continues to surge, more and more people are looking towards sites like Facebooks as opportunities to make money and add an additional revenue stream to their roster. Similarly to other social media platforms, Facebook users can do well for themselves and earn income. However, achieving these feats is going to require some groundwork along with trial-and-error.

Just remember that each (or all) of the foregoing steps can be accomplished with precision, commitment, and hard work.

Sell Various Items in a Buy and Sell Group or Marketplace

Selling items within a Facebook Buy and Sell group or marketplace is one of the less complicated ways of creating a revenue stream on the platform. However, there is still work involved in selling various products on the platform. Facebook explains that users can take advantage of this opportunity by clicking on the “sell something” button before pressing “what are you selling?” Afterward, users can advertise and explain the item that they’re selling and then hit “post.”

Making successful sales on Facebook might take time. However, don’t get discouraged. There are billions of people on the platform and the potential to do well in the marketplace is certainly there. The image of the items for sales, descriptions, post grammar, and word usage will each have an impact on whether or not the user successfully sells their item.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Advertising Opportunities

WikiHow states that affiliate advertising is yet another option for individuals who are looking to earn income via Facebook. Generally, the most lucrative opportunities can be found with notable brands such as Amazon, iTunes, etc. After the user decides which companies they want to advertise, they will have to browse through the brands’ websites and subsequently complete some forms.

At this point, it is paramount to note the aspiring affiliate advertisers will never have to pay to promote a brand. There are many affiliate¬†scams which target unaware, unsuspecting people and attempt to convince them otherwise. Don’t fall for it; these scammers are only after your money and nothing else.

After signing up and officially becoming an affiliate, the Facebook user will then want to start separate accounts for each affiliate group which they are now promoting. After signing up and creating the various accounts comes groundwork. In regards to affiliate advertising, groundwork entails frequent, promotional posts and reaching out to a sizeable audience without coming off as a spammer or otherwise annoying. The more people who see the affiliate advertisements, the likelier someone is to click on the post and even make a purchase. Once this occurs, the Facebook affiliate advertiser then earns income.

Now, this particular option of earning revenue on Facebook is not for everyone. Admittedly, it can be quite grueling and frustrating, especially in the beginning. There is no guarantee that anyone will click on the affiliate posts, let alone make a purchase.

A Final Word

Turning Facebook into a stream of income may or may not be the best decision for certain individuals. Each person can do their best with what they have and try their hardest. However, a considerable fraction of one’s financial success on the platform, or lack thereof, is dependent upon chance. Coming to terms with this reality prior to the inception of an attempt at a Facebook career is always wise.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Make Money as a Blogger

There are countless bloggers who aspire to monetize their web pages and otherwise earn income from doing what they love. While this feat can be accomplished, it also requires some time, dedication, and the implementation of various strategies. There are a variety of ways to make money as a blogger, although garnering a consistent, sizeable audience and putting out high-quality content always makes a nice difference.

Nevertheless, anyone who blogs and feels ready to turn their passion into profit should continue reading carefully and be sure to follow the forthcoming recommendations for aspiring career bloggers.

Blog Via WordPress

The platform which a blogger uses to create content makes all the difference in the world. Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular sites for writers, bloggers, and other people who enjoy creating written content. One of the many upsides associated with WordPress is the multiple opportunities to create revenue streams. Not only does WordPress allow content creators to write, post, and engage with readers, but the platform also comes with the ability for bloggers to monetize their site, display Google AdSense, use plug-ins to sell certain ads, etc.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to begin pulling in income on their web pages, explains WP Beginner. Here’s how it works: after partnering with decided upon brands, bloggers should then install the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plug-in. This particular plug-in allows content creators to manage the various brands which they have chosen to promote. When one of their readers clicks on a link and makes a purchase from the brand, the blogger also gets paid since they promoted the link on their website. It’s also worth noting that affiliate marketing tends to garner the best results when bloggers choose brands which are most likely to appeal to their readers.

Maintain Sizeable Traffic

One of the most important factors for every blogger is traffic. Traffic, in essence, has to do with the number of people who visit the web page of the content creator. Views and readers are everything; a blogger can have the best content in the world and countless affiliate links, but if no one is visiting their page, it won’t matter and the blogger won’t make any money, as affirmed by Blogging Wizard.

Maintaining high volumes of traffic to one’s web page is where the groundwork comes into play for bloggers. Thankfully, traffic can be increased by promoting blog posts on social media and creating SEO-friendly content. Building up a following takes time; bloggers are moreover recommended to post new content on a regular basis. Not only does this keep current readers engaged and active, but new content inherently breeds new opportunities to attract more readers and strengthen SEO.

A Final Word

Despite the time and effort invovled in earning sizeable revenue as a blogger, the process can be quite rewarding. Creating content via WordPress and building/maintaining a strong base of viewers and readers truly comes in handy. Furthermore, not only can bloggers earn income, they also have the power to connect with others and spread a message which can be equally as powerful, if not moreso.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

Financial Advice for Less Well-Off Individuals

Life is different for each and every person. People have different work lives, different families, and different situations. Some people make millions per year while others make thousands. Some individuals are able to independently support themselves which other may receive assistance from friends, relatives, or even the government. Despite the stereotypes and assumptions which are usually made regarding high-income people and low-income people, the great equalizer comes in the form of benefits of financial advice.

Granted, financial recommendations for someone who earns $100,000 annually will be different from a person who earns a yearly income of $10,000. Nevertheless, the following strategies and hints are great for less fortunate individuals.

Engage in Extremely Frugal Money Management

When funds are tight, frugality is absolutely paramount. While saving money can be difficult when funds are low, there are generally certain steps which can be taken to truly get the complete bang for one’s buck. KNS Financial has some excellent tips: first and foremost is seeking out banks which do not bill monthly fees or otherwise require customers to maintain a certain amount of funds within the account. There may also be certain banks which choose not to bill low-income customers with overdraft fees.

Another excellent way to stretch money is selling items which are in reasonable shape, yet not used very frequently. Some people do this by having yard sales, listing their items on Craigslist, or pawning them at applicable shops. Upon attaining these extra funds, putting them aside is a really proactive way of getting used to saving money.

Other simple, yet effective ways of frugally handling money include, but are not limited to, buying groceries on sale, walking (or carpooling), using utilities conservatively, and unplugging devices which are not being currently. This can truly add up and save money, especially when done habitually.

Look for Relatively Inexpensive Ways to Increase Income

While saving and being frugal with current funds is a great first step, it will only do so much for low-income people. The best thing that less fortunate people can do for themselves is increase their earnings. In 2018, there are a variety of available options, even for individuals who were recently laid off, currently in between jobs, or otherwise unemployed. The gig economy is a truly innovative and lucrative tool for people to take advantage of. Those who do not have computers or laptops in their home can go to the library and use the internet to create profiles on freelancing job boards such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. Other options include driving for Lyft or Uber or renting out rooms on Airbnb.

A Final Word

At the end of the day, rising above poverty ultimately entails two life changes: decreasing expenses and increasing income. Ideally, doing both of these things simultaneously is the best course of action. Not only are lowered expenses and surging income a blueprint to escaping from poverty, but it also sets less fortunate people on the track to achieving wealth. Although Rome wasn’t built in a day, it did come into being with consistency and time.

The same dynamic applies to the aforementioned steps which will eventually engender the rise from financial hardship to financial prosperity.


By Gabrielle Seunagal