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Smart Ways to Live Like You’re Rich

We’d all like to learn brilliant ways to live rich and feel richer, right? It feels difficult, and there might be times where it truly is, but you can work through any financial struggle when you think smart. There are numerous ways to live like your rich even when you’re not. Keeping up with the Jones’s doesn’t have to break the bank–there are smart ways to get ahead. For instance, you might not have thought about using your credit card reward points to score those fabulous trips you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford–but you can.

You can live a life free from financial stress. You do need to be accepting of your limits though, and be more aware of what the priorities are. For instance, you certainly need to be well rested to be able to work hard for a higher income, so investing in a great mattress should be a priority. This is just one example of where to start in smart spending decisions. Now, when you do earn more money that doesn’t mean you should start spending more either.

The following tips we will share below should give you an idea on how you can live like your rich and be happier, wiser and more comfortable in your every day life.

Living the Rich Life Wisely

You have to invest and save to get rich. So, what the experts say is to determine exactly how much money you need a year to enjoy your life. Once you have that figure all the rest of your earnings should be saved every time you get paid. When you want to take a trip, take advantage of those frequent flyer miles, or cash rewards on your bank or credit card. When you want that big item at the department store, put it on layaway or save for it every week and then go pay cash. The idea is to try and pay outright for everything you acquire then you’ll avoid debt and be able to live with less stress and financial worry!

These tips can help, but everyone is different so take your time, plan a strategy and stick to it! We can all enjoy the better things in life when we think smarter and not act on unwise impulses. It’s time to put a plan into motion to live rich! Follow these additional tips to live the life you deserve today:

  • Never spend more than 25% of your income toward housing costs
  • Stick to a grocery budget and shop for sales
  • Set financial goals and stick to them
  • Wait for an item to go on sale and purchase it off season
  • Listen intently and read financial newsworthy material 
  • Stay on top of your bank finances and know what you have in the bank



Learn 10 Exclusive Money Habits To Improve Your Financial Portfolio

Are you being your own best adviser? If you are then you have to be one of many proactive Canadians asking yourself just what your doing on a daily basis to help your income become larger? Also, you might be dedicated on researching ways to gain higher interest on your savings at your bank. Developing some new money habits is important when you are attempting to transform your financial portfolio. It takes time, but it is well worth the effort.

Canadian consumers have heard, or read that their daily decisions regarding money have a huge impact on their long-term financial health; and this is very true. Just as you should take care of your body by eating healthier and getting in exercise daily, you should tweak your finances and stay on top of money coming in and money going out. You should have a financial plan in place. Now, there are specific money habits that can keep your budget neat and trim; and which eventually lead to you establishing a good amount of wealth too. If you want to live comfortably one day, without worrying with how much something is, or some kind of emergency coming up, the following below habits can whip you into shape.

What Can Canadians Do Daily to Reach Wealth by Retirement


It doesn’t even have to be when you retire. If you start controlling how you spend money now and setting up a proper budget habit then you can achieve a secure financial status far before you retire. However, you have to have the income. If you are short on funds that will help you save then you need to consider finding new ways to bring in extra money. Sometimes you have to work more to succeed later–that’s life! Great things just don’t happen overnight. Many Canadians have to work harder than ever to achieve financial success, but that is okay too. It’s a great goal, and it’s an admirable one.

Need to spend less than you are earning

This is not a new one at all, it is certainly a habit that needs to take priority. If you continuously have more money going out than you do coming in this can present a problem. But, if you control your spending and develop new financial habits you can gain control here.

Always make sure you budget for all those little extra expenses

You don’t want to get caught with your wallet empty! You never know when something might come up, so being prepared is the smartest financial decision you can make. You want to have more than just the basics as well. Remember that the little expenses can add up. Sometimes you need to learn when to say no to that Chai Latte at Starbucks! Those little things really do deplete a budget fast, as do other unnecessary expenses.

Write down everything you spend

This might feel tedious, but it is the only way your going to be able to keep up with your finances. Carry a little notebook with you everywhere and right down even the smallest expenses. You’ll soon be able to see exactly what you’re spending money on.

Design an all cash type of lifestyle

4 Everyday Ways to Save When You Buy Online and in Real Time

Who isn’t looking for everyday ways to save? Canadians certainly are, but honestly, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. If you go online you will find everyday ways to save quite easily. This goes beyond traditional coupon clipping too. When you have a budget goal but you still would like the opportunity to splurge you can. It only takes a little bit of wit, discovering some new tips and applying a strategy to save big and not break your budget. If you could go to your favorite restaurant for $10 cheaper than average, wouldn’t you do it? It is possible! Grocery shopping with extra savings is even a possibility with the savings you can uncover online!

Also, with these practices in place you won’t have to wait to get what you want at a lower price either. It used to be that most major purchases required waiting for a super sale, for an item to go on clearance, or for it to go out of season for the discounted price. Sometimes that would never happen and sometimes it would, but it always took forever. Now the wait is over, if you save wisely! You can search for coupons too–both online and offline to earn substantial discounts. But every one knows about coupons, right?

Let’s pull the wool back and share what REALLY works today!

4 Exclusive Tips to Save Money on Everyday Purchases


The digital age is rich with discounts, special savings and other amazing money saving offers for the tech savvy shoppers today. If you’re not familiar with the Internet and utilizing tools such as smart devices that can save you time and money–it’s time you get educated. Tools that are available through credible websites can offer more than 10% off your purchases in many cases. But there are even more significant savings to be found without waiting for sales or digging for coupons and hoping they aren’t expired! You can absolutely save on anything you need to buy, and once you learn how you will never go back to paying full price for ANYTHING!

1.Discounted Gift Cards

Who would have ever thought that you can repurchase discounted giftcards? Well, you can. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet you’re in for a treat! Sites such as:


Resell gift cards other consumers haven’t wanted. These sites specialize in this service and are totally legit! You can sometimes find a Pier 1 Imports gift card worth $100 for only $89 (that’s an $11.00 savings)! There’s always more too! This is the perfect way to get additional savings on an item you’ve been wanting. Gift cards can be used for already discounted merchandise too.

2. Rebate Shopping Saves Tons

Rebate sites online are growing in popularity because more times than not you can earn another 4% in savings when you purchase through them. And, once again, they are totally credible. You might want to read a little about them first, but consumers have nothing but good to say about the proven ones. The most popular options are:
  • Swagbucks
  • Ebates
  • Top Cashback

The only requirements are to sign up to the site and visit before shopping online. So, say you want to make a purchase at Home Depot, but want the rebate savings. You’d start at Ebates (or what rebate site you choose) click on the link to the store, then do your shopping. The rebates site you sign up with is where you get your cash back earnings.

3. Have You Tried a Cash-Back Debit or Credit Card

From Visa signature cards to PayPal’s debit card, you can earn money back when you shop. This can be anywhere from 1 to 5%, depending on the stipulations or your card. Most reward the card owner at the end of every month. For example, PayPal deposits cashback earnings directly into an active PayPal account online one time a month. There is no limit to how much you can get back either, which just sweetens the deal! Remember, every card is different so read the fine print. You don’t have to be rich to get this kind of savings either.

4. Sign Up For the Mailing List

 If you sign up to receive notifications and other information you’ll often receive coupons and other discounts through email before anyone else. This is an exclusive plus for signing up to digital mailing with a company. Many first timers often receive a 15% discount code just for signing up. The sites that are most reliable about this, and which are clearly worth taking the time to sign up with can be found through here, but there are other sites where you can locate even more!
Following tips and tricks like these, along with crazy couponing can keep you on track with a budget and clearly help you save money versus wasting money. When you want to be proactive with your finances and avoid falling into poorly managed debt, learning strategies like these certainly helps!


Where Should You Really Cut Back on Your Budget?

We post a lot of material about budgeting and more. There’s a lot out there. But, we think this post will really hit that sweet spot. This is literally going to explain what you have to do to feel comfortable and satisfied on a budget. You don’t have to cut out every single one of those things you like and then feel miserable. This is one of the reasons why so many budgets fail. Too much traditional savings advice focuses too strictly on removing all of the things an individual might love! Why not consider what motivates you as a way to cut your budget. Now, this works, and it has been proven. When you cut your budget to save for future things you have been long for, you have a reason for slashing your budget.

Just keep in mind that if you always feel deprived or dissatisfied due to your current budget model it isn’t going to last. There’s no way you can stick to something that makes you feel miserable all the time. However, if you look to the future and think of those things that really mean a lot to you, but which require cutting your budget you will do so. Let’s take this a bit further and dig in.

You Can Live Happy on a Budget

Budget wise

You can definitely live healthy and happy on a budget, there’s no reason why you can’t. You can still spend on things you enjoy too–there’s no reason to go without those, as long as you stick to a conservative budget. We all should do this and then there might be more personality when we venture out in public! You know what we mean. Those sour faces and poor personalities are often due to financial issues and budget concerns. The tips we are going to share with you now should change that.

What do you spend weekly on food? Consider a food budget!

12.5% of a budget often goes to food, but you can shave back here. Even if you choose to eat healthier, you can shop smarter. It’s important to establish a weekly spending amount on your consumables. Remember the rule: waste not want not–and this is more true than what you might think. There is too much wasteful spending at the grocery and specialty store.

Trim back on your energy costs and try to integrate green living habits!

Energy saving practices can ensure you and your family save a lot of money. Leaving lights on, not turning the faucet off properly, leaks in windows, long showers–all of these and more can impact your energy bill and cost quite a substantial amount annually. The Department of Energy states that simply unplugging devices that aren’t in constant use can potentially lower your energy costs by 10%. Getting into a habit of lowering your energy costs by being more responsible and carrying out home improvements can really add up in savings annually, versus losing money annually.

Cut back on luxury items you just never need or forget about

We’ve all done it, especially women…you’re out shopping and you see a new facial cleanser, or age complex lotion, or a perfume and immediately want it.  However, you end up not liking it and rarely using it. This is a waste. The best bet is to stick with those things you know you like, or at the very least, sample a product before buying it. If you can cut back in this category alone you can really save a lot of cash.

 Do your own housekeeping and weekly tasks on your own
Instead of going through the automated car wash that can cost upwards of $10 and more–wash your own car. You can put on the armor all yourself, though it might take more time, it gives you exercise too! We’ve become to dependent on convenience, and it costs us more than just unnecessary spending. Clean your own house, learn home improvement and more. You’ll be amazed at the extra funds you’ll have the end of the year!