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You Can Celebrate Canada Day On A Family Friendly Budget


It might seem impossible, but let’s be serious, a family friendly budget for Canada Day is possible to achieve.  Canada Day isn’t so much about spending, as it is about celebrating history.  Canadian families can easily have a backyard cookout and reminisce on history and culture without being wasteful.  If you plan on going out on Canada Day, then plan ahead.  Yes, you read it right.  “Planning,” yet again. Isn’t it in everything we consistently talk about here? Without planning properly you’ll never really have a chance to relax and enjoy life.

If you don’t know much about Canada Day, we recommend Desmond Morton’s: “A Short History Of Canada,” as it is much like Memorial Day within the United States.  So, let’s stop and just be creative for a moment.  What can, or do you and your family members look forward to on this historic day?  What kind of budget are you looking at?  What prepping or planning has been done?

Let us help you figure this out!  Read on for some great ideas, tips, and budget friendly activities you can participate in for a memorial day!  We will be keeping this to a $50 budget for a family of 4.

Fun Activities Perfect For Those On A Budget

Canada-Day7 (1)

If you live anywhere near Spruce Grove, Canada, you can have a great time without feeling you’ve spent a fortune at all!  The concert at the Spruce Grove Jubilee is totally free, and many of the other days activities are either budget friendly or free.  What more could a family of four want?  Of course, if you don’t live near Spruce Grove you’ll want to map out the time it will take you to get here and other expenses.  Let’s look at some other activities you can get involved in besides that traditional family cookout!

If you live in Victoria, Canada-then there are also many celebrations that you and yours can attend, again, many of these are cost free!  The city of Victoria’s fireworks will set off at 10:20, and you don’t have to pay anything to get to visit and enjoy this grand finale!  Also, you can capture free red and white tee shirts early in the day as you walk around and enjoy other live entertainment.  There might be a minimal parking fee and costs for food, but remember, everything is very budget friendly!

Those in St. Albert will be celebrating this 149th birthday in Canada with tons of fun activities as well.  The main activities are going to be at Rotary park–so make sure you plan on coming early to find decent parking.  There is no doubt, on July 1, visitors and residents of all ages will enjoy all types of entertainment and outdoor activities at reasonable costs. Good food, good times and family bonding certainly is the goal all across Canada on July 1!

If you’re interested in volunteering at any of these scheduled venues, city officials would be highly appreciative! Many businesses are also offering one day employment for really good pay too–so you can decide what you’d like to do.  Don’t forget that there will be partnering groups all across Canada hosting entertainment, fireworks and day activities too!  Some of these are listed below, and if in doubt you can check with your local commerce centre to find out more information on just where and what activities will be taking place where you live, or nearby.

And the best news….many activities won’t come near $50.00 so get out and have a great, historic celebration for 2016!

Parliament Hill Fireworks and Entertainment

Calgary Canada Day Celebration and Fireworks

Fort Edmonton Park and City Hall Celebration

Montreal Flag Raising and Gun Salute with multiple other entertainment

Fireworks at Fort McMurray

And so much more!!

Fireword in Fort McMurray



Budget Friendly DIY Project Gifts For Mothers Day


Mothers Day is almost upon us and it is definitely time to begin planning, but where to start?  Most begin with a financial plan–which is absolutely fine.  You’ll find that we are all about staying on a budget here.  There are many ways you can celebrate Mothers Day without ruining your monthly savings goals.  All of the examples we plan on sharing are sure to turn out great and make Mom feel more than appreciated!

There’s no reason to feel bad for wanting to stick to a budget, and we are sure any mother would be proud of their offspring for doing so!  You can really do a great deal for dear old mom on this glorious day, without worrying over how much to spend, or if she is going to like it or not!  Now, while many will take their mom out to dinner and maybe a movie, there is nothing more timeless, or priceless than a DIY Mother’s Day gift from the heart.  Not only is this idea more authentic, but it involves time and commitment to develop.  This is why most mother’s will be so much more grateful for such a gift–rather than a day out, or evening on the town that can cost a good couple hundred (depending on what you do and where you go).

The budget friendly DIY ideas to be shared with you here are guaranteed to bring that special woman in your life joy for years to come!  She’ll never know how conservative you were in getting it together either.  However, you can invest as much as you want, but if you want to keep it at an affordable value, creativity comes into play in a vast amount!  So, let’s take a look at some of the fun and diversity to be had when you really put that creative mind to good use!  The following 5 budget friendly ideas are sure to provide that satisfaction and euphoria for that special mother in your life!

5 DIY Gift Ideas for Mothers Day


1.  Nothing says “I Love You” better than a home made breakfast

It isn’t going to cost a fortune, and your mom is going to be happier than you could ever imagine!  If you plan on being more creative and using a decorative tray, don’t forget the flowers!  Breakfast in bed is a dream come true for many Mother’s–and it’s unforgettable!  Don’t think about doing it, DO IT!

2.  Did you think about “home made bath salts”?

You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune for bath salts.  These can be put in decorative jars hand crafted for authenticity.  Make sure you choose fragrances that are sure to be very aromatizing for tired mom!  Remember, these are extremely cost effective, but highly creative!

3.  Give a green gift!

Mom will appreciate your consideration of the environment and won’t even stop to think about how much, or how little you might have spent.  You can do well by going eco friendly if your mom is a bag lover, and brings her own shopping bags.  Do make sure you use recyclable cotton and other accessories.  You’re only limited to your own creativity!

4.  Go with a family tree photo frame 

There is no doubt mom will love this!  You can use pictures gathered through the years to add more poignancy too.  This is one of those emotionally charged gifts that are more valuable than any amount of money.

5.  Create her favorite eye mask

You can do this with ingredients you probably already have on hand!  The main expense comes in with the basket and the tiny little jars you might want to bejewel and make eye catching!

All of these little gift ideas mean so much more than spending a large amount of money.  Don’t forget overnight getaways, or a stroll in a scenic park!  Let your mind guide you, and always reminisce on those things you’ve noticed your mom most fond of to get it right!



5 Clever Ways You Can Save BIG On Valentines Day


Valentines Day: it’s one of the most commercialized holidays out of the year, next to Christmas.  There is no doubt that this particular day can take a toll on an individuals wallet, but why?  Through the years, Cupid has appeared to present the idea that the only way for lovers to express love and care for one another is through spending that hard earned money, but how much truth really exists here?  It shouldn’t empty your purse to put a smile on someone else’s face, do you think?  We don’t think it should at all.  The sad truth is that restaurants, jewelry stores, floral shops, and even boutiques hope to capitalize on this day, but you don’t have to get yourself caught up in the craziness of the holiday.  There are plenty of ways to express love, gratitude, endearment and happiness.  Are you ready to learn how and see just how you can save some of your money at the same time?

Yes, You Can Save A Little Cash On Cupids Day

Young couple kissing

Never forget how nice it is to show someone else how much they mean.  We don’t want this to get overshadowed in the money shuffle.  It is the thought that counts the most, and if you’re ready to have a memorable day with the one you love, think creatively, but stay realistic about your budget too.  The following below great ideas are very romantic, and we’re sure your Valentine’s will be wholly appreciative to you for thinking of them!

Why not cook a romantic meal together?

There is nothing more romantic than a man in the kitchen who truly is passioned about what he is doing.  Cooking a beautiful Valentines meal together could be the most memorable moment a couple can share.

Take a cooking class together!

This can be a lot of fun, and it can teach that man a thing or two as well!  Cooking classes are fairly inexpensive, and they provide a couple time together, which is always important!

Create an original and well thought out coupon book!

These never go wrong, and more importantly, they are worthwhile!  While it is a traditional idea and gift, look for original ideas to put into it.  The coupons are for what you think is most rewarding!  And guess what–this costs nothing!

Take dancing classes together!

If neither of you are very good dancers, taking a dancing class together can be very sexy!  You can laugh with one another, versus laughing at one another!  Better yet, you can learn some sexy moves that will turn you both on!  It’s inexpensive, romantic and spicy at the same time.

Create a photo album of memories on Valentines day

What can be more emotionally connecting?  Going through old photos and looking at what you’ve experienced up to this point is very emotional!  Once again, it’s free and you can have so much fun putting a gift like this together with each other!

If you really think about what all you can do to show your special someone they mean more than they’ll ever realize, you’ll find there really are some amazing activities out there that cost little to nothing.  You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant or spend a fortune at a retail store.  You can save money at this traditional holiday, without ever making your special someone feel less than the most important thing in your life! Couples want to feel connected and time shared is the best way to make someone feel they matter!  Of course, for women, having that little something extra doesn’t hurt though!

VDay Gifts




5 Smart Ways To Shop And Still Save Big After The Holidays


How can you cash in and really save big after the holidays?  While we are coming up on the end of the first week of January, there are still some great after Christmas Day sales to be found out here!  If you’re really looking to stick to an organized financial plan this year, and you want to start saving right away–it’s the perfect opportunity right now.  Retailers want to move that old winter merchandise, so many are cutting prices to 75% at this time of the year!

And yes, after Christmas Day sales are more popular than Black Friday.  This is exactly where frugality during the year pays off big time.  So, how should you plan and what should you consider purchasing to really save money?  Let’s look at the 5 smartest ways to take advantage of the savings.  But wait…not just for after Christmas, but following holidays all year long!

Take Advantage Of After The Holidays Sales In January And More!


Just remember friends–there is a pattern, and always a perfect time to purchase anything and everything you need on the cheap!  You can have the most modern items far less than what others have paid.  For example, electronics are at huge discounts right now, so the old merchandise can move out and the new can move in!  January and February are the best times Canadians can get out there and get some really cool electronics cheap!

Pay attention to the time of the year, at any time you’re wanting to save–not just after Christmas.  Every holiday has a sale following it.  Just think of how much you could have saved for Valentines day if you would have gone to those sales last year! Of course, you don’t want to purchase candy to gift to someone a year later, but you can purchase other sweetheart items that maintain their value!  You just have to think outside of the box!

Follow these tips below when you’re dead set on maintaining a savings plan and being frugal!

The Best After Holiday Shopping Tips For All Year Long!


  1. The absolute best time to buy electronics such as: laptops, tablets, desktops and phones is in February! Mark it on your calendar and make a list. If Tommy was too young for something so advanced this year, he just might be ready next year!
  2. You can certainly stock up on personalized bath items after Christmas and all through January. Now that retail stores like “Bath and Body Works” are all the craze, you can really rack up on some additional savings throughout the month on soaps, lotions, body butters, candles and more! It certainly is better to get those aromatherapy items now, because you can use these as gifts at the next major holiday, which is: Valentines Day! See how planning ahead pays off?
  3. Let’s not forget how badly you need storage items for those holiday decorations and more! Plastic storage containers and artificial Christmas tree coverings are cheapest right after the big day.  In fact, many retailers have these items out during the holiday season at their full prices. After, you can get these for 50% less than retail value! And just think, you need storage tubs for a variety of things!
  4. Don’t forget about Online retailers! You can save and never leave your home! From all kinds of non-perishable items that can be utilized all year long (like fancy dishware and glassware) to greenery and decorative home furnishings–your savings can come in at 25% upwards to 65% off for items like these online. Some Online retailers also allow for promotional codes that can save you even more!
  5. For those new car shoppers, the end of the year is the perfect time to shop for that shiny new toy!  While this is passed now, at least you’ll know from now on.  If you can have patience, you might find you even have more choices at the end of the year that meet your budget–versus cashing in during the middle part of the year!

These tips are practical and timeless–worthy to work for frugal shoppers all year long!  Since retailers seem to be having these earlier and earlier every year, just keep your eyes open so you don’t lose your chance for savings.  It’s time to give your wallet a rest and save when and where you can!

A Torontoist Strategy For Celebrating New Year’s On A Budget

Ringing in the New Year

Yes, we are talking about a budget again, but that is what helps you remain ahead of your finances!  If you’re concerned about celebrating New Year’s on a budget, don’t be.  Here, we are going to share with you the most ideal ways to enjoy this fabulous holiday without worrying about feeling restricted!  At the same time, you’ll come out with money in your account–which is exactly what you should want.  You can easily ring in 2016 happier than you’ve ever been before!  Are you ready to get started integrating the right plan now?  You can actually get in on some fun activities that won’t cost you a dime, while those that do cost can be acquired cheaper than you might have thought, or planned!

Ring In The New Year In Style And On A Budget!


So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need to turn your attention to what a Torontoist just might do on such a grand holiday while outdoors!  If you live anywhere near Harbourfront Lakeside Skating Rink you might want to consider the New Year’s Eve skating party that will be happening–totally free!  They’ll be excellent music and the only thing required of you is to bring, or rent the skates!  It’s a true family affair.  If you’re single, and looking to mingle, then we can point you in the right direction here too!

When you want to make new friendships and really get into the spirit of bringing in the New Year, the 5K Midnight Run is not one to be missed.  You’ll literally be with hundreds of others out there in the spirit of the evening!  Afterwards you can enjoy an after run party with good food, new friends and lots of laughter!  It takes place every year and is certainly worth the small entry fee that is included!  Remember, all food and drink is included after too.  Now, if you’re more to the restaurant scene and want to have an enjoyable meal at an affordable price, you might find the below listed restaurants are right up your alley!

Bring in New Year’s With Fine Dining At An Affordable Value


If you want to have an amazing dinner out, while you’re celebrating New Year’s, but want to remain within a nice budget, there are some fabulous restaurants you can make reservations at for the evening.  If you want to go all out for New Years, you should check out The Black And White Masquerade that is quite stunning.  If $75 per person is a budget you can deal with, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss!  Now, if you’re more into the swing of the evening and love a variety of beers, you might want to try out Swinging At Mill Street Beer Hall where good beer and great food is the event of the evening!  And finally, when you are wanting to stick to something simple and a lot cheaper, but not lacking in quality you should visit The Portland Variety where reservations are building up fast!