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How to Earn Passive Income

Virtually everyone has heard of passive income at one point or another. In essence, passive income is defined by Wikipedia as “income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.”

In most cases, this passive income requires a degree of work in the initial phases before the ongoing payoffs. Many people would love to experience this type of revenue, but are unaware of how to lay the groundwork for it. Moreover, passive income is one of the critical components which well-off individuals use to earn and (especially) maintain their wealth.

Going forth are some particularly useful ways in which the average person can earn passive income, thus enriching themselves and increasing their net worth.

Get Serious about Investing

While there are a variety of passive income earning methods, investing is one of the best. According to The Motley Fool, stock dividends, real estate investment trust (REIT) dividends, rentals, and more can be great avenues for passive income. This is because each of these avenues come with ongoing income streams which continue long after the initial payment or purchase.

However, with rentals, there is a degree of work which has to be done. For instance, the property may need to be maintained, cleaned, and otherwise inspected from time to time. Picking the right tenants also makes a difference as well; the ideal tenants will take care of the property they’re renting and pay their monthly rent on time.

Start an Online Blog or YouTube Channel

Not everyone has the big bucks to invest in real estate or stocks. However, these are not the only ways to generate passive income. Online blogs and YouTube channels can be excellent avenues for earning revenue and moreover, they don’t require hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront. However, both online blogs and YouTube channels do require a degree of time before the passive income reaches hefty amounts.

Blogging through WordPress allows writers to put ads via Google AdSense on their page. When readers click on the ads, the blogger earns income. The only catch is the number of readers which view the blog. Ideally, the writer should have a sizeable viewership. The more people who view their blog, the more opportunities to earn passive income.

A similar principle applies to YouTube channels. Starting this year, YouTube mandated certain benchmarks which must be met in order for content creators to monetize their channels. However, after building up a sizeable following base, an online blog and/or YouTube channel can be quite profitable and become a lucrative stream of passive income.

A Final Word

One of the most important things to remember about passive income is that an initial investment is usually required in the beginning prior to the accumulation of ongoing revenue; that investment usually comes in the form of time or money. However, there are a variety of opportunities regarding earning passive income.

Different paths work for different people. For specific advice tailored to one’s own personal needs, consulting a financial advisor is recommended.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Switch Careers

In many cases, when people choose certain career paths, they stick with these paths for the rest of their work life. However, this is not always how matters play out. There are various situations and circumstances which may prompt people to switch their current careers. If done properly, this transition can be relatively smooth; if not, the transition can be an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, there are a variety of tricks and tips for people to follow if they are either considering or already in the middle of changing their careers.

Be Sure that a Career Switch is What You Truly Want

It goes without saying that once someone switches their career, reversing the decision is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. This is why it’s so important to be very sure that a career change is what is truly wanted.

Once the person at hand is completely sure that they want to change careers, they will then be tasked with determining whether or not they are truly fit for the new career of their desire. Different careers demand different skill sets, expertise, and qualifications. If the individual already has these things lined up, then they’re all set. If not, some groundwork may be necessary prior to making an exit from one’s current career.

Decide Exactly How to Go About Your Career Switch

The Muse recommends that soon-to-be career changers enact step-by-step milestone as they work to switch occupations. Believe it or not, this is a process which requires a certain degree of time and preparation. Depending on the nature and qualifications of one’s current and future career, a switch can take months or even years.

Connect with People in Your New Line of Work

One of the most effective steps to prepare for success in a new field is to connect with other individuals who also have similar careers. According to WikiHow, some of the best ways to professionally connect with other like-minded people involve volunteering, taking part in an internship, or even conducting information interviews. Asking people about their jobs, why they enjoy their work, and even inquiring about certain pitfalls or downsides can be an excellent way of learning about one’s soon-to-be new career. It also provides one last opportunity to bow out if the particular career turns out to be not as it originally seemed.

A Final Word

Career switches can be both exciting and scary — especially for people who have spent years in one line of work and truly established themselves. However, change is one of the most inevitable things about life. Whether in careers or relationships or environments, change will always present itself in one form or the other. Being able to adapt according and make beneficial moves is what makes all the difference in the world.

Believe in yourself and take steps with conviction.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Make Money as a Photographer

We’re extremely fortunate to be living in a day and age where virtually anyone can have a successful career if they are willing to work hard and apply themselves. However, each career and occupation is different; highs and lows, ups and downs are all part of the gig. Many people have been told that they can’t make it in various fields, such as writing, photography, etc, and that getting a traditional day job is better than attempting to make a career out of one’s passion.

This could not be further from the truth. The paths to success are plentiful and greatly vary depending on an individual’s chosen occupation. Therefore, this particular piece will be geared towards earning sizeable income and doing well for oneself as a professional photographer.

Take and Sell Photos

Although it sounds painfully obvious, taking and selling photographs is the first and foremost step to doing well as a professional photographer. Clients have to be able to see the work in order to evaluate and decide whether or not they want to make purchases. Moreover, word of mouth is also a very powerful tool for photographers. Customers who have great experiences working with someone are more likely to recommend that individual to their friends and family who may also be in need of photography services one day.

Adorama advises photographers to do various photo shoots for clients. This allows the photographer to demonstrate the quality of their work and set a fixed price for each shoot; $100 is usually a good starting point.

However, photo shoots are not the only way for photographers to sell their work. Other great options include licensing or selling one’s images via stock photography websites and even entering into photo contests. Each of these opportunities garners room for both exposure and profit. Later on down the line, exposure can create even bigger profit, especially if the right people or businesses happen to come across the work of an exceptional photographer.

Engage in Freelance Work and Building an Online Presence

Customers, clients, and other people who are aware of one’s photography services are the greatest ally of any photographer. This is why engaging in freelance work for various publications and magazines can truly come in handy. Not only does this breed income, but it moreover provides exposure which can engender future opportunities.

Launching an online presence on Instagram can also be a great idea for photographers. By posting professional images on a regular basis and uploading them with applicable hashtags (to increase views), photographers can do quite well for themselves and potentially attract new clients.

Although freelance work and creating a name for one’s photography business can take time, patience, and a sizable amount of effort, it is more than worth it. Nothing worth having in this world comes with ease.

Never become discouraged or misled into believing that a photography career is unrealistic or otherwise not worth pursuing. Any photographer who is willing to put in the work can enjoy and reap the benefits of career success.

Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Make Money on Facebook

As the popularity of various social media platforms continues to surge, more and more people are looking towards sites like Facebooks as opportunities to make money and add an additional revenue stream to their roster. Similarly to other social media platforms, Facebook users can do well for themselves and earn income. However, achieving these feats is going to require some groundwork along with trial-and-error.

Just remember that each (or all) of the foregoing steps can be accomplished with precision, commitment, and hard work.

Sell Various Items in a Buy and Sell Group or Marketplace

Selling items within a Facebook Buy and Sell group or marketplace is one of the less complicated ways of creating a revenue stream on the platform. However, there is still work involved in selling various products on the platform. Facebook explains that users can take advantage of this opportunity by clicking on the “sell something” button before pressing “what are you selling?” Afterward, users can advertise and explain the item that they’re selling and then hit “post.”

Making successful sales on Facebook might take time. However, don’t get discouraged. There are billions of people on the platform and the potential to do well in the marketplace is certainly there. The image of the items for sales, descriptions, post grammar, and word usage will each have an impact on whether or not the user successfully sells their item.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Advertising Opportunities

WikiHow states that affiliate advertising is yet another option for individuals who are looking to earn income via Facebook. Generally, the most lucrative opportunities can be found with notable brands such as Amazon, iTunes, etc. After the user decides which companies they want to advertise, they will have to browse through the brands’ websites and subsequently complete some forms.

At this point, it is paramount to note the aspiring affiliate advertisers will never have to pay to promote a brand. There are many affiliate scams which target unaware, unsuspecting people and attempt to convince them otherwise. Don’t fall for it; these scammers are only after your money and nothing else.

After signing up and officially becoming an affiliate, the Facebook user will then want to start separate accounts for each affiliate group which they are now promoting. After signing up and creating the various accounts comes groundwork. In regards to affiliate advertising, groundwork entails frequent, promotional posts and reaching out to a sizeable audience without coming off as a spammer or otherwise annoying. The more people who see the affiliate advertisements, the likelier someone is to click on the post and even make a purchase. Once this occurs, the Facebook affiliate advertiser then earns income.

Now, this particular option of earning revenue on Facebook is not for everyone. Admittedly, it can be quite grueling and frustrating, especially in the beginning. There is no guarantee that anyone will click on the affiliate posts, let alone make a purchase.

A Final Word

Turning Facebook into a stream of income may or may not be the best decision for certain individuals. Each person can do their best with what they have and try their hardest. However, a considerable fraction of one’s financial success on the platform, or lack thereof, is dependent upon chance. Coming to terms with this reality prior to the inception of an attempt at a Facebook career is always wise.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal

How to Make Money as a Blogger

There are countless bloggers who aspire to monetize their web pages and otherwise earn income from doing what they love. While this feat can be accomplished, it also requires some time, dedication, and the implementation of various strategies. There are a variety of ways to make money as a blogger, although garnering a consistent, sizeable audience and putting out high-quality content always makes a nice difference.

Nevertheless, anyone who blogs and feels ready to turn their passion into profit should continue reading carefully and be sure to follow the forthcoming recommendations for aspiring career bloggers.

Blog Via WordPress

The platform which a blogger uses to create content makes all the difference in the world. Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular sites for writers, bloggers, and other people who enjoy creating written content. One of the many upsides associated with WordPress is the multiple opportunities to create revenue streams. Not only does WordPress allow content creators to write, post, and engage with readers, but the platform also comes with the ability for bloggers to monetize their site, display Google AdSense, use plug-ins to sell certain ads, etc.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to begin pulling in income on their web pages, explains WP Beginner. Here’s how it works: after partnering with decided upon brands, bloggers should then install the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plug-in. This particular plug-in allows content creators to manage the various brands which they have chosen to promote. When one of their readers clicks on a link and makes a purchase from the brand, the blogger also gets paid since they promoted the link on their website. It’s also worth noting that affiliate marketing tends to garner the best results when bloggers choose brands which are most likely to appeal to their readers.

Maintain Sizeable Traffic

One of the most important factors for every blogger is traffic. Traffic, in essence, has to do with the number of people who visit the web page of the content creator. Views and readers are everything; a blogger can have the best content in the world and countless affiliate links, but if no one is visiting their page, it won’t matter and the blogger won’t make any money, as affirmed by Blogging Wizard.

Maintaining high volumes of traffic to one’s web page is where the groundwork comes into play for bloggers. Thankfully, traffic can be increased by promoting blog posts on social media and creating SEO-friendly content. Building up a following takes time; bloggers are moreover recommended to post new content on a regular basis. Not only does this keep current readers engaged and active, but new content inherently breeds new opportunities to attract more readers and strengthen SEO.

A Final Word

Despite the time and effort invovled in earning sizeable revenue as a blogger, the process can be quite rewarding. Creating content via WordPress and building/maintaining a strong base of viewers and readers truly comes in handy. Furthermore, not only can bloggers earn income, they also have the power to connect with others and spread a message which can be equally as powerful, if not moreso.


Authored by Gabrielle Seunagal