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Discover Tips To Improve Your Finances In As Little As A Day

Yes, you can improve your finances in as little as a day when you apply the right strategies, but it all starts with YOU! If you take a little bit of time everyday to go over your finances and plan you’ll begin to make progress. It might involve removing debt a little bit at a time or it might involve making progress toward a future goal. In just 10 minutes a day you can transform your financial portfolio by developing ways to stay more accountable and pro-active with this essential part of life.

It’s not so much those big things as it is the little things that interrupt an individual’s ability meeting financial goals!

There are going to be times where some financial tasks are extremely nerve wracking and items that are often dreaded. However, you can’t run from your financial woes and approaching them in a positive manner can help you get control over your debt in a more constructive way. Just think, answering that collection call is better than avoiding it and not having peace of mind, don’t you think? Canadian consumers need to handle their dilemmas before they cost them far more in the long run.

Tips to Manage and Improve Financial Habits in One Day

money habits

  1.  Purge recurring expenses before you forget about them and they just keep sucking your money away. Do away with any that you absolutely have no need for such as: magazine subscriptions, tanning membership; etc.
  2. Contest fees that you feel you didn’t deserve. Banks are bad for slapping on overdraft fees, even when you get your deposit in. Because many banking systems are automated you have to call in and tell them your deposit was made. Don’t sit back and pay fees like these for no good reason–this just costs you more money.
  3. Make an extra debt payment. Whether this is towards a car loan or a mortgage, it doesn’t matter. If you can pay extra on your debt every month then you’ll soon have it chipped away to a far more affordable amount and be that much closer to having it paid off.
  4. Place yourself on a spending fast. You can slowly build up a cash reserve and finally stay on top of your bills, while saving time and money.
  5. Set a money goal and start devising a plan. Choose something that you have been wanting to do, purchase or go to for some time and set that goal. When you have something to look forward to you’re more willing to save, it’s a fact!
  6. Go for refinancing. If you have been working hard to restore your credit and have earned a possible lower finance rate, go for it! You can really save and be rewarded with lower interest that can then help you pay off your debt faster.

4 Reasons Why Good Credit Really Does Matter

Good credit really does matter, whether Canadians (or anyone) like it or not. It’s imperative to try and keep your credit report clean and maintain a decent score. It impacts everything in life. While it is quite understandable to be knocked around every once in awhile, the goal should be to get back on track as soon as possible. You want to do your very best to save money, invest money and manage your money to build a grand net worth for the future!

Financial experts within the personal finance realm constantly hear about the importance of credit scores throughout the world. But, while it isn’t as important everywhere, you have to be worried about where you reside! You have to pay attention to your portfolio, your identity and your personal finances with a keen eye–that is if you’re going to get to where you want to be financially. Good credit can help you out in a variety of situations, just like bad credit can be morbid for your life. Once again, whether you like it or not–the totality is that your credit score can clearly impact your overall quality of life.

Good Credit Can Ensure You Achieve Goals In Life

A couple smiling at the camera while holding a document

A couple smiling at the camera while holding a document

Below we are going to share 4 critical areas where having a good credit score can help you achieve your goals. This can be anything from having the ability to acquire pet insurance, to being approved for a Credit Union checking account and more.

Your credit score can hinder your job search

It really is sad that a credit score can keep you from the job of your dreams, but unfortunately, it can. If you are a financial accountant, or you work in a bank–your credit can cost you your job, or prevent you from ever landing one. While it just feels wrong that hiring managers look at this aspect of your life, it happens every day. It is just one reason why your credit is so very important. You might have the best skills for a position, and the experience to validate yourself as the ideal candidate, but your money management skills might turn out to be your worst enemy. You can enroll in financial counseling services to turn this around, and doing so can go in your favor too.

When you want to start a business

This one makes sense because you need revenue to begin a business. For most people, they need to try and gain investors, but investors are going to want to know how well you handle your finances and what equity you’re putting into a start-up yourself. In fact, if you go the traditional route for revenue, financial institutions are going to scrutinize every area of your finances. So, you have to stay on your toes with this one unless you have rich friends willing to help. Another shot would be to go through kick-starter, but credit is a huge piece of criteria here.

Making a move and getting utilities turned on without a deposit

Your credit impacts your ability to get your utilities turned on in an affordable way. No one wants to spend a lot of money relocating only to find they have to shell out $300 for an electric deposit, or $150 for their water to be turned on. That is just awful, especially when most have to put up a sizable amount to move to a new place. This is why credit scores are so important to manage on a more domestic level. You want to be able to provide housing to your family, but not break the bank doing so.

Applying for financing for jewelry or other high end items 

If you’re hoping to finance a wedding ring, or engagement ring–or any kind of item such as this, poor credit can have jewelers turning you down everywhere you go. It can be disappointing, but it isn’t the end of the world either. Until you can build up your credit and acquire good standing again you simply have to save to pay for an item like this. Financial experts claim paying cash for these items is smarter than having payments for a few years.



4 Everyday Ways to Save When You Buy Online and in Real Time

Who isn’t looking for everyday ways to save? Canadians certainly are, but honestly, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. If you go online you will find everyday ways to save quite easily. This goes beyond traditional coupon clipping too. When you have a budget goal but you still would like the opportunity to splurge you can. It only takes a little bit of wit, discovering some new tips and applying a strategy to save big and not break your budget. If you could go to your favorite restaurant for $10 cheaper than average, wouldn’t you do it? It is possible! Grocery shopping with extra savings is even a possibility with the savings you can uncover online!

Also, with these practices in place you won’t have to wait to get what you want at a lower price either. It used to be that most major purchases required waiting for a super sale, for an item to go on clearance, or for it to go out of season for the discounted price. Sometimes that would never happen and sometimes it would, but it always took forever. Now the wait is over, if you save wisely! You can search for coupons too–both online and offline to earn substantial discounts. But every one knows about coupons, right?

Let’s pull the wool back and share what REALLY works today!

4 Exclusive Tips to Save Money on Everyday Purchases


The digital age is rich with discounts, special savings and other amazing money saving offers for the tech savvy shoppers today. If you’re not familiar with the Internet and utilizing tools such as smart devices that can save you time and money–it’s time you get educated. Tools that are available through credible websites can offer more than 10% off your purchases in many cases. But there are even more significant savings to be found without waiting for sales or digging for coupons and hoping they aren’t expired! You can absolutely save on anything you need to buy, and once you learn how you will never go back to paying full price for ANYTHING!

1.Discounted Gift Cards

Who would have ever thought that you can repurchase discounted giftcards? Well, you can. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet you’re in for a treat! Sites such as:


Resell gift cards other consumers haven’t wanted. These sites specialize in this service and are totally legit! You can sometimes find a Pier 1 Imports gift card worth $100 for only $89 (that’s an $11.00 savings)! There’s always more too! This is the perfect way to get additional savings on an item you’ve been wanting. Gift cards can be used for already discounted merchandise too.

2. Rebate Shopping Saves Tons

Rebate sites online are growing in popularity because more times than not you can earn another 4% in savings when you purchase through them. And, once again, they are totally credible. You might want to read a little about them first, but consumers have nothing but good to say about the proven ones. The most popular options are:
  • Swagbucks
  • Ebates
  • Top Cashback

The only requirements are to sign up to the site and visit before shopping online. So, say you want to make a purchase at Home Depot, but want the rebate savings. You’d start at Ebates (or what rebate site you choose) click on the link to the store, then do your shopping. The rebates site you sign up with is where you get your cash back earnings.

3. Have You Tried a Cash-Back Debit or Credit Card

From Visa signature cards to PayPal’s debit card, you can earn money back when you shop. This can be anywhere from 1 to 5%, depending on the stipulations or your card. Most reward the card owner at the end of every month. For example, PayPal deposits cashback earnings directly into an active PayPal account online one time a month. There is no limit to how much you can get back either, which just sweetens the deal! Remember, every card is different so read the fine print. You don’t have to be rich to get this kind of savings either.

4. Sign Up For the Mailing List

 If you sign up to receive notifications and other information you’ll often receive coupons and other discounts through email before anyone else. This is an exclusive plus for signing up to digital mailing with a company. Many first timers often receive a 15% discount code just for signing up. The sites that are most reliable about this, and which are clearly worth taking the time to sign up with can be found through here, but there are other sites where you can locate even more!
Following tips and tricks like these, along with crazy couponing can keep you on track with a budget and clearly help you save money versus wasting money. When you want to be proactive with your finances and avoid falling into poorly managed debt, learning strategies like these certainly helps!


10 Ideas For Living a Satisfying Life on a Modest Budget

A modest budget doesn’t mean you can’t live a full and happy life, engaging in all of the activities you enjoy. The problem is that people have become to dependent on money for life satisfaction. It’s been said many times over that money doesn’t equate happiness. If you are making a modest income but you can easily pay your bills and still have a tidy amount of funds left over, there’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle. You can even save a little every month–that’s the wise thing to do. In fact, when you live on a modest budget in Canada (or anywhere) you need to have several expenditure and savings accounts, those like:

  • Emergency savings
  • Vacation savings
  • Holiday savings
  • Everyday expense account
  • Personal savings

This might seem like a lot of accounts to handle and manage, but it’s easily organized. When you live on a specific budget it is even more important to have something such as this established. In fact, this type of living style will help you feel more in control of your finances. We want to share 10 tips on how you can also live on a modest income and still engage in activities you really want to be involved in. Let’s get started.

You Can Enjoy Life on a Modest Budget

Below you’ll find many ways you can enjoy time with the family, or if you’re single, just doing those things that you enjoy doing. Money isn’t an obstacle when you practice the right kind of financial habits! While entertainment can be expensive in Canada (as can dining out) there are strategies to still be a part of that grand life!

  1. When you want to go on vacation but are worried about what you can and can’t afford, how about looking up that college buddy you chat with online? It’s probably been awhile since you visited, so connecting with old friends like this just might gain you free vacation lodging and maybe even some money savings on food too! It’s not taking advantage either, so don’t feel like you’re just being a burden. Just once a year or so is perfectly acceptable. 
  2. Have you ever considered a staycation? It is very likely there are multiple charms in your very own area that you’ve never visited. A staycation allows you to take a rest and enjoy the local arts and crafts in your city. You can choose to do what you want. Some stay in an isolated cabin just to rest and recuperate from the past years stresses. You’re proactive and decide what you’ll enjoy the most, but better yet, you don’t have to spend anything. 
  3. Fine dining doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to think you can never enjoy the higher end restaurants! Go during lunch hour or happy hour and you’ll spend the same amount as you would at a modern middle class joint. Don’t you think you should enjoy the finer things too?
  4. A  movie out costs more than ever today, especially if you’re a family of four. But, the matinee is far cheaper than after 5! Also, some theaters offer concession discounts one day out of the week. 
  5. Instead of signing up for an expensive gym membership, consider starting an exercise routine outdoors. It is totally free and spring is the perfect time to refresh the mind and body!
  6. If you spend a great deal commuting to work, consider bicycling if it is within a 5 to 7 mile radius. You’ll not only save on gas but you’ll get in shape at the same time.
  7. You can sport the latest hair trend without paying a lot! Beauty schools often offer hair cuts, color and style fairly cheap, but you still end up with amazing results. 
  8. If you want to obtain more affordable housing in a nice area then you have to be willing to relocate. A little bit of investigating and word of mouth can help many find a home of their dreams at an extremely affordable value.  
  9. Clothes can be expensive, but everyone wants to look nice. A clothes swap is a great way to freshen your wardrobe and someone else’s at the same time. You can have a whole weeks worth of incredible clothing without paying a penny. 
  10. If you’re looking to fly somewhere on a getaway, take the redeye! It’s cheaper, less crowded and to most, far more convenient. 

These little tips and tricks can help everyday Canadians enjoy a modest life with the same privileges as most anyone else, but most importantly, with supreme satisfaction.