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There Are Alternatives to a Costly Personal Loan for Canadians

Canadians don’t always have to turn to a costly personal loan to overcome financial hardship. There are options available to them.  These more affordable choices will protect credit and actually assist with building a better credit history. Before ever applying for any type of loan, the borrower should weigh the reasons as to why they need it. Depending upon the reason, or the need–there might be far better alternatives with lower interest rates available. Perhaps you need only a short-term loan that you’ll be ready to pay back in only 30 days? If that is the case you can often avoid those costly interest rates!

Also, if you have been turned down for a traditional bank or credit union loan, don’t worry and stress. There are millions of people who face this same dilemma. Credit requirements with traditional banking institutions can be far stricter, but this doesn’t mean to turn to a bad credit personal loan either. When you want to solve your debt problems, or you’re in need of emergency assistance you need to speak to a professional to get your finances on the right track. Canadians shouldn’t live in the shadow of a few late payments when they work hard and deserve better.

Let’s take the time to consider what an individual can do right now to avoid high cost personal loans and get life back on a positive track.

Go with a Financial Strategy that Works

Personal loan

Many payday loans and short-term loans make it look easy, but it isn’t always. One alternative to these is taking a loan out that helps you boost credit as long as you make your monthly payment on time! Also, what about those that offer money back on the loan because of good faith payments? These types of cash loans are available to consumers as well. It’s important for anyone taking out a loan or other financial support to use it as a financial tool that will help them to overcome an unanticipated expense. Any financial assistance should never be seen as free money. 

What financial strategy really works right for you as an individual or family? For many, finding a way to cover financial gaps is the main goal and they see no other way. Maybe they aren’t weighing their priorities? That is what we are striving to help with here. If you do move forward with taking out a personal loan, there are some common traps you want to avoid!

  • Don’t choose a personal loan that pre-computes interest because this creates a larger interest rate on a payment than what is actually necessary.
  • You can’t avoid the origination fee that comes with a personal loan, but you can save money by looking into the APR versus the interest rate. 
  • You can avoid the pre-payment penalty if you just ask if the loan company charges one.

We recommend doing your research before you go with a personal loan like this. If you’re smart and take your time a personal loan with a low interest rate and no origination fee can be helpful for the short-term; but you do need to be smart! Make certain you can pay off a loan such as this in a reasonable amount of time, otherwise higher interest rates can really beat up the finances.

Off Beat Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day on a Budget

The day of lovers–that’s what Valentines Day is all about.  But those constant, influx of commercials can make some Canadian couples feel uneasy and filled with anxiety. If the idea of this holiday looming scares you, there’s no need for it too. No one ever said you had to spend a fortune to express your love. That’s a sad myth. It’s the thought that counts, believe it or not. Most women appreciate a man just showing them they can be romantic. Finding something uniquely different can really make the heart throb, and save a great deal of money at the same time. It isn’t that you’re going cheap either–just more original! After all, what is so romantic about dinner and a movie? You’re fighting crowds and having no privacy either.

Let’s move on to ideas that really make this day blossom with love…

Off the Beaten Path for Valentines Day


Where should a lover begin when planning a Valentine’s Day date? Some men know and some just remain confused. You don’t want to fall into those cliche activities any longer. Just imagine taking your love for a day at the spa–rather than a high priced dinner out. What do you think matters the most? I’d say most would take the spa day, any day of the week! Let’s look at some other amazing ways you can spend Valentines Day with your lover without over spending, or the day being all about money in general!

  • Why not go to a romantic exhibit? At one of these drinks are served, and some serve finger foods. What would be more intriguing and authentic than enjoying fine arts together and having an animated discussion over what you view? Of course, you have to enjoy art–but it’s an idea.
  • Why not cook together at home? Choose some cuisine you’d enjoy creating together and simply enjoy one another’s company. Have a nice bottle of wine to go with it, and maybe some kind of luscious dessert. You’ll both be all set!
  • Rent a cabin for a couple days. The price isn’t too costly and you have amazing amenities–hot tub, fireplace, guest champagne, and so much more! You can have that intimate time you want while enjoying the wonders of the outdoors in a rustic, ambient atmosphere.
  • A winter picnic would be dynamic, wouldn’t it? Even if you’re in a colder region, bundle up in some warm, cozy blankets together. Enjoy a cup of soup and warm sandwich. It’s romantic and unique–this is what matters the most!

c1bf66c11de9c95460d7c9b0356db5baJust remember what this day is all about! Show your significant other exactly how much they mean to you as an individual. You don’t have to follow all the hype, just be you. You don’t even have to intentionally budget your Valentine Day spending either. When you focus on what is most important everything else falls into place.



Time to Start Planning Savings Resolutions in 2017


Planning savings resolutions might strike fear in some Canadian households, but it really can be easier than you think! If you’re really going to be successful this time around you have to look at how you’ve managed years in the past too! Find your mistakes and don’t make them again. Pinpoint your weaknesses and do everything you can to avoid them. For example, if you crave dinner out 1 time a week, start making plans to slash that to every other week. At least for awhile. Another thing that smart Canadians can do is connect with other Canadians who are financially conscious. Surrounding yourself with those people who have similar goals is just smart.

Furthermore, we want to stress how significant committing to a specific goal really is. For example, if you decide that there will be a no spending day then you have to stick to a resolution like that no matter how difficult it feels. You can still find a ton of entertainment that is free, and have just as much fun too! However, you don’t want to be so restrictive you feel suffocated. This is something that you’ll find mentioned in many financial blogs across the internet and it is very true.



Setting Goals and Sticking to Resolutions

When it comes to your financial goals the first thing you have to do (if we haven’t already mentioned) is to identify them. If you haven’t pinpointed these then it’s time to do so. Identifying a clear goal will motivate you to meet it. You also have to create a plan to resolve difficulties. If you’ve been struggling to meet the same goal every year–develop a new strategy. Sometimes consolidating debt might be an option that works best. Every situation is different, so just weigh the odds. But, don’t ever just give up and say: “next year we will do it.”

We aren’t going to give you the same things other websites do. Here, you’re going to find some unique ways you can start meeting your 2017 goals, so let’s get started. We feel certain you’re already well aware of the importance of staying on budget and cutting back, right?

Consider boosting your 401k retirement savings–Because it just makes sense, right? You better bet it does, and when it comes down to retiring you’ll have more than what most do, all due to smart thinking and pre-planning! The goal should be to contribute at least 3% but better at 6%.

Don’t join a gym, just use what’s available–When you think you need a gym, you’re just looking for excuses to not exercise. Use what is all around you to get that workout in and you’ll find it to be just as good, or even better.

Cut back on bad spending–Forget about McDonald’s and Starbucks, you don’t need it. Focus on trying to live healthier and you’ll save a lot more!

Remember, just small changes will help you get on track. Begin with a plan of action you can accept and will stick with and take it from there. It’s all about progressing to your final goal and achieving life satisfaction.