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A Torontoist Strategy For Celebrating New Year’s On A Budget

Ringing in the New Year

Yes, we are talking about a budget again, but that is what helps you remain ahead of your finances!  If you’re concerned about celebrating New Year’s on a budget, don’t be.  Here, we are going to share with you the most ideal ways to enjoy this fabulous holiday without worrying about feeling restricted!  At the same time, you’ll come out with money in your account–which is exactly what you should want.  You can easily ring in 2016 happier than you’ve ever been before!  Are you ready to get started integrating the right plan now?  You can actually get in on some fun activities that won’t cost you a dime, while those that do cost can be acquired cheaper than you might have thought, or planned!

Ring In The New Year In Style And On A Budget!


So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need to turn your attention to what a Torontoist just might do on such a grand holiday while outdoors!  If you live anywhere near Harbourfront Lakeside Skating Rink you might want to consider the New Year’s Eve skating party that will be happening–totally free!  They’ll be excellent music and the only thing required of you is to bring, or rent the skates!  It’s a true family affair.  If you’re single, and looking to mingle, then we can point you in the right direction here too!

When you want to make new friendships and really get into the spirit of bringing in the New Year, the 5K Midnight Run is not one to be missed.  You’ll literally be with hundreds of others out there in the spirit of the evening!  Afterwards you can enjoy an after run party with good food, new friends and lots of laughter!  It takes place every year and is certainly worth the small entry fee that is included!  Remember, all food and drink is included after too.  Now, if you’re more to the restaurant scene and want to have an enjoyable meal at an affordable price, you might find the below listed restaurants are right up your alley!

Bring in New Year’s With Fine Dining At An Affordable Value


If you want to have an amazing dinner out, while you’re celebrating New Year’s, but want to remain within a nice budget, there are some fabulous restaurants you can make reservations at for the evening.  If you want to go all out for New Years, you should check out The Black And White Masquerade that is quite stunning.  If $75 per person is a budget you can deal with, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss!  Now, if you’re more into the swing of the evening and love a variety of beers, you might want to try out Swinging At Mill Street Beer Hall where good beer and great food is the event of the evening!  And finally, when you are wanting to stick to something simple and a lot cheaper, but not lacking in quality you should visit The Portland Variety where reservations are building up fast!




10 Tips To Help You Avoid Mindless Spending


You don’t need your budget to be leaky like a faucet, because sooner, rather than later, you’ll run dry!  The only way to minimize risk like this is to develop a better relationship with your money so that you can save rather than mindlessly spend it.  Patching up your finances, where they need it the most can help salvage your financial future and build up a substantial savings over time.  Of course, it’s a step by step process–learning new strategies and developing improved spending habits. The 10 tips that will be shared with you here will ensure success and get you seeing your money in a different way.  You can stop living paycheck to paycheck and begin making a solid plan that will dramatically change your life for the better.

Stop Mindless Spending And Discover Conscious Spending

It’s amazing how fast those $5.00 cups of Joe really rack up at the end of the month, isn’t it?  Mindless spending is all too common in Canada,and across the globe for that matter.  Now, there is a thing called conscious spending and it would be perfect if everyone could have this type of mindset.  What this implies is that an individual is more than aware of where each and every one of their dollars go!  This not only helps with managing a budget, but it can help plan a financial forecast for an entire year!  There is no doubt about it, when you become conscious of just how much you might be wasting, it limits your wastefulness!  In other words, this makes you more accountable for your financial actions.

Those consumers who can develop an emotional attitude concerning money understand the value of it and are found to be far more thrifty than others who just spend, spend, spend…It’s easy to develop a new mindset and become more thoughtful and vigilant of where your hard earned money is going.  It’s time to stop just spending needlessly!  If you don’t need it then you probably don’t really want it.  The tips below will give you some ideas on where you might be spending without regard. You’ll find, cutting some of these expenses back will definitely be beneficial to your long-term finances!

Discover The Ways Your Wasting Money So You Can Save Money And Begin The New Year Right!


Tip 1:  Stop wasting energy!

Within Canada, and all across British Columbia, energy expenses are approximately 6% higher than the average US household.  This is due to wastefulness, but being more aware can begin helping you save a great deal.  For instance, making your home more energy efficient can bring about a huge savings.  Taking the right steps for improvement will put more money in your wallet or savings account!

Tip 2:  Stop grocery shopping without a well planned list!

Grocery expense has grown quite expensive through the years, but with proper planning ahead you can still save a great deal. You should never go to the store without a planned list and a week worth of meals planned out!  Also, avoiding those end caps will keep you from purchasing things you don’t need.

Tip 3:  Cut cable now to save money!

With streaming services available now, paying high prices for cable doesn’t make sense.  You can save up to 10% just by pulling the plug for cable network service.  Integrate the internet and utilize, Netflix and other networks that are normally just $10.00 a month versus $200 and up for cable service.

Tip 4:  Invest in a water filtration system.

Instead of paying exuberant amounts of money for bottled water every month, invest in a filtration system for your home. This is just as good as any bottled water and a great investment for years!

Tip 5:  Stop eating out every week.

Eating out weekly can add up fast and really ruin a budget or financial savings plan.  Plan and prepare healthy meals at home that will add convenience and save money.

Tip 6:  Avoid overdraft fees.

You can avoid overdraft fees by managing your money far better and keeping track of all your spending.  Writing your expenses down and knowing where you’re spending makes a difference.

Tip 7:  Avoid paying excessive bank fees.

Before you open a bank account, know the fees and rates you’ll be charged and offered, this can save aggravation in the future.

Tip 8:  Don’t ignore your credit report.

Attempting to establish a repayment plan to get out of debt and to secure a better future will save you far more money than ignoring collectors and allowing blemishes to continue to build against you.  It can be a scary thing to acknowledge your debt and become proactive can save you financial loss down the road.

Tip 9:  Shop around for affordable insurance.

Yes, we all need insurance, but you shouldn’t have to pay extremely high costs to secure this critical necessity.  Shop around and discover who can offer you the best rate at the most affordable costs.

Tip 10:  Stop impulsive shopping forever.

When you want to make a purchase, take your time and consider if you really need it.  If you allow yourself a couple of weeks to think it over, you might find you can live without it!  This doesn’t mean never shop, but simply be more conscious.  This is what it is all about, if you want to succeed financially!

Woman shopping



Canadian Finances For New Years: What Will Make This Year Successful

Money savings

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Though we haven’t entered 2016, it is now time to get ready to prepare for some New Year’s resolutions Canadians will stick with!  This blog might just be the one to hit home and make a difference in an individual’s mapped out goals for the year–you never know!  If you’re interested in trimming up your budget and making it extremely fit for the New Year (and all year) then this is going to be extremely beneficial for all Canadians across British Columbia and elsewhere.

The bottom line here is non-negotiable and is centered on establishing financial resolutions that will meet three top priority goals–building a savings, smarter spending and investing the smart way!  Don’t let these resolutions be like those common ones that come and go; it’s time to really get serious, so let’s now take a look at some of the best ways you can get this started properly for the New Year!

Making This Year’s Financial Budget Successful

Remember, let this New Year help you evolve into a new way of thinking!  The first step to success is to remove all of the negative thinking and replace this with positivism!  The belief in yourself and the determination to succeed could be traits that do propel you to meet and stick with those financial budget goals throughout the year!  Did you know that your relationship with your money is impacted by those in your life?  Did you also know that any emotional baggage your carrying around can sabotage your financial goals?

You see, it isn’t all about establishing a budget, it’s about your conscious decisions with money.  You want to be resolute this year in your financial decisions so you can finally get ahead.  So, the first step that is going to make this year different is changing your relationship with money!  Let these tips below make all the difference for you this year!  Don’t try to be a superman or superwoman, remember–we are all only human!


Constructive Tips To Keep This New Year’s Financial Resolutions In Place

Tip 1:  Take small baby steps…

Everything begins as a process, a conscious decision.  If you take on a heavy task too fast and too soon, you’ll fail.  If you go into money management misguided, you’ll fail.  You don’t want a relapse of past behavior.  Analyze every aspect of your finances, make conscious decisions and put forth a hearty effort to make a difference.  This is what you have to do to succeed!

Tip 2:  Don’t beat yourself up over small mistakes…

We all make mistakes, and regardless of what your financial goals are from here on out, no one is going to be perfect.  Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up here and there, it’s human to make an error.  Putting yourself down is the surefire way to give up and just begin old habits all over again.  Don’t let this be you!

Tip 3:  Don’t try to do it all alone…

Even if you don’t have a partner to advise you or give input, certainly you have people you’re close too who would be happy to give you a tip or two–that is if they appear to be on the right financial path themselves.  Trying to do everything on your own can become overwhelming and set you back.  Be willing to open up and ask for some help to keep you focused and steadfast.

Tip 4:  Take a free financial education course…

You can always take financial coaching courses online, or at your local community college in regards to improving your finances and understanding your financial goals.  This is great for a great many Canadians because it gives them a different viewpoint, from an outsider!  Sometimes you need this.  And you’re never too old to learn a few new tricks, are you?

Tip 5:  Always make sure you’re being accountable for your own actions…

Don’t pass the buck to someone, or on to something else.  We need to be held accountable for our own actions.  If you make a mistake, acknowledge that you do and pay attention to what might have been the cause of it.  Remember, focusing and being aware of your money and your decisions surrounding it are what help you change your attitude and mindset!  Accountability is one of the most important parts of becoming financially healthy!





The Top 10 Habits Of The Self-Made Wealthy

Change your life

Have you ever wondered how the rich and powerful ascend to the positions they are in?  If you’re like most Canadians out here, you might believe many were simply handed that golden ticket and have never had to work for anything they have, but that isn’t the case for all the rich and prolific people in Canada, not to mention, elsewhere in the world.  Some of these Canadians are indeed, self-made millionaires through hard-work and determination.  They view money different from money others, which is why they’ve been able to reach such a level of success.  Let’s share some of these tips and strategies so that perhaps, you–yourself can reach beyond that precipice so many already have!  Let’s be clear though–this is no easy task!

10 Habits That Will Help You Establish A Brighter Financial Future

Habits of the wealthy

So, again, many self-made millionaires have earned their position and have worked extremely hard to reach these goals.  It isn’t impossible for anyone to transform their life by transforming their mindset concerning money and how to spend it. Investing versus spending is the major reason some succeed while others remain hand to mouth, month to month.  Most self-made millionaires don’t view money as something to spend, but rather, a means to an end.  This kind of mentality is what we all need to get out of strangling debt!  Let the following ideas guide and help you today!

Strategy 1:  Changing Daily Habits

Those with wealth have very different daily habits from those families who might be below the poverty line.  Simply changing these and making smarter decisions about money can almost guarantee a transformation of the inequality that exists across classes in society.

Strategy 2:  Wake up a few hours ahead of the work day

Research is showing that a whopping 44% of well-off Canadians and Americans rise up to 3 hours ahead of their work schedule, while only 3% of those below the poverty line do the same.  Consider changing this habit for improved productivity and getting more done.  You can’t get wealthy sleeping!

Strategy 3:  The wealthy simply eat healthier

Now, some might say above average income families can afford to eat healthier while those who are below poverty can not.  The fact is, those getting assistance have been shown to continuously make unhealthy nutritional choices–STOP!  Improve your cognition by eating healthier and watch your mental alertness grow.  It’s all about how you fuel your body.

Strategy 4:  Work longer hours

Those with more wealth work longer hours, sometimes 60 or more a week, even though they are salaried.  Anyone can put in this same kind of effort, and it pays off for the long-term as well.  You have to be willing to work harder than just average to improve your financial portfolio, it’s just a fact.

Strategy 5:  Think more positively

No matter your situation, more positive thinking can transform your mind and life.  If you believe you can do it, and you can see yourself doing it, you can achieve just about anything.  Don’t forget the hard work in-behind this though!

Strategy 6:  You should write down your goals

Those who are well ahead of the financial game are known to write down their goals and stick with them.  This is certainly a habit that can make a huge difference for the future.

Strategy 7:  You should manage and maintain a to-do list to stay on track

This is again, all about organization–the better organized and detailed you are with tasks, the more willing you’re going to be to get them done, and get them done right.  A to-do list can alleviate stress when you can visually see chores and other errands needing carried out.  If anything, this teaches accountability!

Strategy 8:  Exercise at least 4 times a week

Exercises makes you feel better and improves upon your physical appearance.  When you look and feel good you almost feel like you can accomplish anything and everything.  Those well-off exercise more often than those below poverty, so this needs to change!

Strategy 9:  Watch less television

Spend more time planning goals and achieving these versus sitting for hours in front of a television.  One never knows what might happen when they really focus on aspects that have the potential of bettering life and improving chances of becoming financially sound.

Strategy 10:  Engage in positive self-improvement courses

Whether this be yoga, walking, or some other form of therapeutic therapy, engage in it regularly!  When you can change your mind-set you can change your life.  Don’t you think you deserve to be happy and live a more positive life?

Large Group of People Celebrating






8 Reasons For Canadians To Stop Spending More Than They Earn



Spending less than you earn isn’t as straight forward as it sounds, unfortunately–at least not for the most part.  Many Canadians across British Columbia struggle with things as simple as grocery budgeting, due to rising costs and stagnate wages.  Here are the facts.  If you’re really going to begin planning for spending less than you earn, you certainly are going to have to be steadfast in it.  You have to be willing to make sacrifices, without a doubt.  This strategy is more intense than a simple monthly budget, as it requires more ways to cut back and save, so you simply must learn to become more thrifty in every way.

Now, if you can conquer excessive spending and gain some control over an established budget, you’ll begin to reap rewards that will offer long-term satisfaction!  There is no better satisfaction than watching your money grow and knowing you’re establishing a sound financial future!  Before we begin giving you reasons to start following this strategy, it’s important to also point out that living paycheck to paycheck is also not ideal.  You can’t improve your financial portfolio like this either, so this only concretes the need to have a plan to stop indulgent spending.  It’s time to go over 10 logical reasons why you should begin spending less than what you earn and then determine whether or not it is worth it!

8 Reasons To Stop Spending Needlessly

Imagine having the ability to begin eliminating all of those horrible debts keeping you in the hole…

Watching how you spend your money and paying attention to daily expenses and indulgences can help you begin to discover ways to better manage your finances.  While this might take some trial and error, you’ll soon find once you begin putting up a little here and there it becomes more like second nature.  You can then move on to start eliminating that burden of debt!

You’re finally going to be able to save for a rainy day and retirement!

Yes, that’s right.  Setting up a stringent savings plan and cutting back on reckless spending will allow you to start building up a savings account that matters.  Once you can stand on your own two feet securely, you’ll find it really does matter!  You’ll find all of those things you thought you wanted really don’t matter, but your financial future certainly does.  In other words, the entire process is educational!

You can eliminate stress and really reduce your anxiety so you can start living the way you want to–happily…

freedom from spending

We all want to be happy and live productively.  This doesn’t mean breaking your back working 80 hours a week either.  You need to learn exactly what you need to feel satisfied, and establishing a standard budget is one way to get started in the right direction.  Once you know you can cover your debts, pay your bills and afford other necessities with ease you’ll find that you’ll sleep better, feel healthier, become more positive and feel happier about life in general.  Now, isn’t this reason worth it?

Stop spending and work more hours to increase your income for savings

It might sound strange, but believe it or not, increasing your income will create a reason to stop spending excessively!  When you have to work harder and longer to earn more, you want to see it accumulate.  You might be saving for a rainy day, or a special trip.  Whatever the reason, increasing your work hours, or taking a second job will keep your mind from indulging and needless spending!  It’s just practical and helps you meet those goals.

Financial planning allows you to enjoy today and tomorrow

If this isn’t reason enough to stop needless spending, nothing is.  Planning for tomorrow requires setting a budget and meeting those goals.  You don’t have to be so stringent your suffocating, but putting up for tomorrow will just make you feel stronger and much happier!  So, always think ahead!

You have to differentiate between your wants and your needs

Knowing your needs versus your wants can help you make better sense on the importance of slowing down on spending. There is no way to meet long-term savings goals if you’re constantly giving in to your wants.  For instance, it’s understandable to pay out for your water, rent, electricity and necessary clothing–but paying for a smart phone is not a necessity at all.  Cutting back and spending less income on these things will make an amazing difference to your finances.

Would you like to avoid those overdraft and late fees?

You can save so much money when you start getting your financial house in order.  When you stop spending more than you make you can pay your bills on time and minimize the risk of paying excess fees that are crazy expensive.  Wouldn’t this be a nice reprieve from paying for nothing?

You’ll sleep better at night and have a higher productivity level!

When you know your finances are in order and you have money when you need it you’ll simply put all of that energy you gain to more important areas, like working harder to earn more.  By having improved sleeping patterns due to less stress, you’ll see an improved you emerge that can do more and improve your own future.  Now, wouldn’t you like to find more left in your wallet so you can have all of these positive attributes for living?

Don't spend excessively