Monthly Archives: October 2014

Going Cashless

Imagine a world without coins or banknotes; a world where every transaction you make is carried out using your credit card, or even your smartphone. Around the world, cash is being used less and less compared to electronic transactions, and Canadians are among the leaders in this shift in the global economy. According to a 2013 study by MasterCard Canada, Canada is moving towards a cashless economy, behind only France and Belgium. By dollar value, only around 10% of transactions in Canada were carried out using cash. Cash tends to be used only for small transactions, and with contactless payment and even phone-based tap-to-pay services becoming more popular, even those uses for cash are under threat. So, is it time to throw away your wallet? Perhaps, perhaps not. Cashless living has its benefits, but it can also be bad for your bottom line.

Should You Declare Bankruptcy?

When your other debt management options are exhausted, it might be time to declare bankruptcy. When the debt collectors are after you and you can’t make your payments even with sensible financial planning, bankruptcy can wipe your slate clean. Your debts are forgiven, your credit history is wiped, and your creditors are required to stop contacting you.

Eating On A Budget

Food is almost always going to be one of the bigger expenses in your budget, especially if you have a large family to feed. This guide will teach you how to manage your food budget and make your dollar go further.